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Hiring Employees the Right Way

Oct 30, 2007
From the largest business to the smallest business, there is almost always a need to hire some employees to assist in ensuring the business runs as smoothly as possible. This means making some good and informed hiring decisions. However, how is someone supposed to ensure they make the best decision possible? This is not always an easy process, but using these tips will help ensure that you do choose the best applicant possible.

First, accept that not everyone you hire will be perfect for the job all of the time. Some people are really good at faking their suitability and this is something that will happen at some point. Accept this fact and decide that you will not dwell on the bad hires but rather will learn from them to avoid future mistakes. Use all of your bad hiring decisions as a good opportunity to revise your hiring practices and work to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

Second, if you make it clear to all applicants that you will be doing drug testing this is usually an effective way of reducing the pool of applicants that are unsuitable immediately from the potential hire pile. Those who are unwilling to take a drug test are usually highly unsuitable for good long term work and are unacceptable employees. Once you have made it clear that drug testing is required, the number of people actively pursuing the job will lower, and you can then work with the reduced number.

Third, compile together a complete worksheet that describes the purpose and function of the job including all standard responsibilities and those that may be occasional responsibilities. This is a great thing to give to all people who make it past the drug testing phase. This will allow the potential serious applicants the chance to really discover what the position means with your company, and allows you to see if they are willing to work from that list. If you have an applicant who starts saying that some job duties would need to be moved, you know they are unsuitable for your needs.

Fourth, once you have reduced your list down even further you can then proceed to have some telephone interviews with those people whom you think are most suitable for the job. This interview process will allow you to see how well applicants can communicate well over the phone and how professional they sound over the phone. If someone is going to be communicating with clients on the phone a lot for part of their job, you do not want someone who sounds bored, rude, or hateful on the phone. Instead, you want someone who sounds professional, pleasant, and cheerful.

Fifth, your last step should be taking your favorite applicants from the phone interview and scheduling them for a detailed interview in person. Because of the reduced amount of people that you will be meeting in person you will be able to spend more time with each applicant and really make a good decision. It is important in this phase to keep an open mind and wait to make a final decision. Waiting to make your final decision will allow you to make the best possible decision with all of the information available to you, rather than only having partial information.
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