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A Career as Traveling Nurse

Oct 30, 2007
A traveling nurse job can provide you with a very challenging yet very rewarding career. You will learn new skills, techniques and styles of doing things, sometimes under pressure in emergency situations. You are meet lots of new people and be constantly exposed to exciting new things as you travel to unfamiliar areas and places.

On some levels working as a professional traveling nurse looks like the ideal job. It provides nurses with an opportunity to live and work in different parts of the country. They can interact with new people. Travel nurses earn excellent salaries. They make friends all over the country. They can move south in the winter, and north in the summer. If they feel like taking a few months off, they don't have to worry about explaining things to their bosses, they just give themselves a few months to improve their mental health before they accept a new assignment. Travel nurses claim that their jobs gives them an opportunity to re-establish their patient focused medicine. Nurses have excellent medical and dental benefits. Who wouldn't want to be a travel nurse?

Advantages of Being a Travelling Nurse

- Lots of travel. The jobs can last from just a few weeks to a year, with most lasting between thirteen and twenty six weeks.
- You have a large variety of working destinations to choose from.
- Traveling nurses are some of the best-paid nurses in the country.
- Lots of bonuses. Agencies often offer sign on bonuses and completion bonuses as well.
- Many traveling nurse agencies offer wonder benefit packages.
- Making lots of new friends and acquaintances.
- Constantly learning new skills and techniques.

Disadvantages of Being a Traveling Nurse

- Need to adapt quickly to new surroundings and challenges.
- It can be difficult to make new friends all the time. You are a stranger whenever you travel to a new work place.
- You will probably be on permanent standby as an on site resident.
- Being away from family for extended periods will have to be dealt with.
- You have to answer to two employers, your agency and your workplace supervisor.
- It is almost impossible to have a pet.

Carefully consider all the requirement and responsibilities expected from a travel nurse before you sign with a nursing agency. Qualities that a good travel nurse should embrace are a zest for adventure, a strong work ethic, confidence in their medical knowledge, and a gregarious personality. If you are a nurse with at least one year of experience working in a hospital and feel that you would make and excellent traveling nurse start placing your application at agencies.

If you are not quite sure if this is for you, you could consider taking on one or two assignments before making a more permanent decision to become a traveling nurse. Remember this job is not suitable for everyone, but very rewarding for those who can manage the unique set of challenges presented in a traveling nurse career.
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