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How to Easliy Craft Headlines that Sell

Oct 30, 2007
Is the purpose of your headline to sell your product? Promise your prospect a brighter future? Satisfy his deepest desires?

No, no and no!

Your headline exists for one purpose and one purpose only: get your prospect to read your copy. That's it. All you want your headline to do is grab attention and keep the reader reading.

Sounds simple enough, but capturing that attention is becoming increasingly difficult to do in the online marketplace. Readers are exposed to an over-abundance of advertising copy. So if the headline sounds too outrageous to be true (Lose Ten Pounds in Ten Minutes!), they'll glance over it and look for someone else to solve their problems.

Benefit-driven headlines can be effective when done without going overboard, but you can also use your headline to appeal to your reader's emotion. By claiming nothing about your product, he doesn't have to be skeptical. You allow him to keep reading because you identified with his core emotion. You acknowledged a hidden fear, an unspoken dream, a dominant frustration. You showed him you understand him and you feel what he feels. It's like you're living inside his head!

Once you get the reader into the body of your copy, that's where to explain who you are, what your product is, who it has helped in the past and most importantly, what's so great about it that will make your reader want to buy it.

No matter how much the market changes, how much competition you are dealing with or what is going on in your industry, people are emotional. By understanding what emotions drive your target market, you put yourself in a great position to talk with them and help them.

The goal is to stop the reader from doing what he is doing and get him to read your copy while trusting your words. If you do that, you increase your ability to convert your readers into customers.

Here are some sample headlines that work well:

-"Have You Ever Wished You Could (blank)?"

-"If (blank), Then (blank)."

-Looking for a (blank) that will (blank)?

-How to make (blank) in less than 30 days.

-Have you noticed how many people (blank)?

-Are you prepared to (blank) by (blank)?

-Discover a little-known secret that (blank).

Using quotes in your headline immediately establishes credibility, so use quotes whenever you can. Also, asking a question draws the reader in. Open-ended questions are best. If it's a yes or no type question, he can immediately answer it in his mind. That kills the curiosity a good headline should create.

Key words and phrases play a major part in crafting great headlines as well: Discover, You, How To, Announcing and New. These are trigger words that grab attention. You can't convert your traffic unless you grab the attention of your prospects, so choose your words carefully.
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