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How to Improve Your Conversion Rates

Oct 30, 2007
When it comes to tracking lifetime value and conversion rates, it's easy to focus on the numbers and distance yourself from the emotional factors involved in the sales process. Because in reality, those numbers represent people, people with feelings.

Those people are your customers. And your goal is to simply find the best way to communicate with them so they can see the value your products can bring to their lives. That communication process begins with your traffic generation sources, but getting them to your website is only first step. Once at your site, you need to be able to convert them into customers. So here are some tips to help you increase your conversion rates:

--The lifetime value is the profit your customers bring you over a period of time; it's not just the value of that first purchase.

--Knowing the lifetime value of your customer helps you accurately budget your marketing dollars so you know how much to spend to generate new leads and still turn a profit.

--A squeeze page captures your prospect's contact information, allowing you to build a relationship with them. Once you establish a relationship with them, they are more likely to trust you and buy from you over and over.

--When writing your sales message, allow your passion and enthusiasm to show through your words. This helps tap into the emotion of your prospects and persuades them to buy from you.

--Your headline should grab attention by speaking directly to your prospect's fears, problems and desires.

--Include testimonials in your copy to establish credibility and provide the social proof your prospect needs to help rationalize his buying decision.

--Reverse all risk for your prospect with a rock-solid, money-back guarantee.

--Ask for the sale and make the ordering process as easy as possible. Also highlight your offer in the order form while stressing the value of the product.

--TEST, TEST, TEST! Test one element at a time using an A/B test. Or test several elements at once using the Website Optimizer or the Split Test Accelerator.

And after you test your ideas, test them again. Continual testing is the best way to improve your conversion rates because it's based in fact, not theory. So keep testing, and you'll soon find the lifetime value of your customers will keep rising. When the lifetime value rises, so does your net worth.
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