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Digital Gadgets and Your Business - Creating a Safe Haven

Oct 30, 2007
Most businesses lately are turning more and more towards the use of laptops, smart phones and even PDA's or Pocket PC's to help keep in touch with clients and keep the business running in tip top shape. From the tiniest communication device to the priciest laptop, there are several things you should keep in mind to keep your personal information safe and keep yourself up and running with few security breaches, less viruses, and fewer expensive repairs.

First, your laptop needs a good strong anti-virus program. This is something that is essential and cannot be skipped over no matter what. If you are connecting to the internet, downloading any files or attachments or even reading e-mails then you need this software. Which brand you choose is ultimately up to you, but this is not something that you should ever skip over. Some viruses give hackers access to your computer, which can mean valuable sales information, client contact information, payment information, and even your own personal information to use against you in identity theft.

Second, always use a secure password. Something such as your name or even your business name is not considered acceptable or secure. This is something that should be a mixture of numbers and letters if possible. However, just as important as a secure password is something that you will actually remember! There is no sense in password protecting your computer if you lock even yourself out of it. Strive for a password that you can remember first, then try to make it more secure.

Third, if you are using a PDA or a Pocket PC always synchronize your data at least once a day. If you make constant changes to information or your schedule, you may wish to synchronize more often. This process is quick and simple, involves simply connecting the PDA to the cord that is attached to the computer and takes only a few moments. This time spent synchronizing your PDA to your computer can ensure that all of your information is up to date and all changes are made immediately.

Fourth, never sign onto any wireless network without first ensuring that your computer is locked and protected. This means ensure that your computer is not sharing any information with any networks that you are not personally responsible for. This includes places such as restaurants, hotels, business centers and anywhere else you go. If you are not personally responsible for the network then you should not allow other computers or PDA's connected to the network to have access to your device. This is a time where an encryption key is essential and quite helpful.

Fifth, if you even remotely suspect your computer has a virus then remove it immediately from the internet. Depending on the type of computer this may be as easy as unplugging a cable, for others such as wireless it may be as complex as shutting off the wireless card. Regardless of the method used it is essential to remove the computer from the internet until the virus is removed and the computer is restored to ensure the virus does not spread to other computers on the network.
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