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The Golf Tournament As A Fund Raising Tool

Oct 30, 2007
If you are racking your brains on how to raise funds for your organization or local charity, the Golf Tournament may be just the right tool for you. However, bear in mind that a worthy cause does not always guarantee an event's success. To ensure success, you need to partner the right people, delegate sensibly, and do your marketing aggressively.

Why a Golf Tournament?

A high profile Golf Tournament enables your organization to build stronger relationships and acquire new business in today's fast pace world. You see, golf's popularity has become an effective way of bringing customers and partners together. The networking that ensues within this non-threatening atmosphere can only lead to positive synergies, potential business tie-ups and increased business deals.


A lot of hard work is needed before you can achieve a grand fund raiser. You need a committee that is highly talented and motivated to get the right people such as participants and sponsors in place and enthused from day one.

You will need many reliable volunteers to assist the Judges and welcome the participants on that day. But before that, volunteers or a committee are needed to send out weekly progress e-mails or newsletters to all participants and partners, to keep them well informed as well. This will get the momentum and excitement level going.

Choosing a high profile golf course will give your company instant credibility and good public relations mileage. However some championship courses may set you back several thousand dollars in daily rental. Instead of negotiating for reduced green fees, it will be wise to secure a corporate sponsor for this large bill.


The greatest Return on Investment (R.O.I) for both you and your sponsors would be in the form of a partnership. A strong partnership will go beyond promotional activities where you merely stick their logo all over the green. If you are short on ideas and have difficulty securing partnerships, you may want to turn to specialists Lynn Brown and Mike Mucci. These two veterans have set up a company to teach golf-tournament-planner hopefuls the ropes of the trade. They have step-by-step guides to ensure your marketing campaign gets off to a flying start. In addition, with their wealth of experience, this company can help you secure big sponsorship sums and turn your fund raiser into a major success.

Effective Marketing

Participants are drawn to attractive prizes. Besides giving away the mandatory "door gifts", you may want to secure a strong partner who is willing to give away a large prize in line with their corporate public relations program.

News on your event should be broadcast in the media and on your website. In addition, corporate partners and company owners should be contacted to participate in your worthy cause.

To generate further publicity, take group photographs of your golfers, and together with their names, designations and companies, have them inserted into your newsletters to provide terrific pre-golfing publicity at the close of your event, to generate interest for the following year's event.

Your Celebratory Dinner

After a good game, your committees and participants should be given a good dinner to celebrate the successful occasion as well as listen to the announcement of the results and objectives that have been accomplished. This will leave everyone with a good feeling and have them looking forward to next year's Golf Tournament Fund Raiser.
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