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Oct 30, 2007
Are you looking to buy Domain Name or other business tools needed to market your business . Look no further if you would like to make money when you buy domain names or any of the the other products that Gibsales has to offer. No more making some other company money, sorry Big Daddy. Now you can generate income, on any domain name or other tools that are purchased within this global community Giblink if you are a member.

Think of the companies that are making millions from domain names, and with GibLink you own your own GibSales website where you can have customers purchase their domain names from you, or just buy your future domain names from yourself. Many more business tools are also available for you to sell or purchase with Gibsales.

A domain name is simply a website address created by you. It is whatever you want it to be, with a .com, .net,.info (etc) at the end. Once a name is bought and registered, you own it and no one else can have that name.

This is a huge huge huge business on the Internet. Every person should own their own name. If you have a super common name you may have to be inventive by using you middle initial or putting a dash between the names. Hopefully your's is free. Why do you want your name. It's a part of branding yourself on the Internet and if you are marketing any business, you want to brand yourself.

Also if you have a company or affiliate website, your really want a domain url to advertise instead of advertising you affiliate website. This is creating your present on the net.

After making your domain purchase there are some options of what to use it for. You can start by redirecting your affiliate website address to your own address that you purchased or you could also buy some hosting and build your own website.

Think about the future: Did you know that last year there were more domain names purchased than in all prior years combine.
That's big and now you can be a part of this movement and cash in on the results.

How many new business are coming on to the Internet daily? How many affiliates are joining these company's and are given or buy a website to promote. How many of these people will have a need for a domain name?

When you join Giblink you are automatically entered in the payline of GibSales and you automatically revenue share in all the sales the GibSales makes. It's everybody helping everybody.

I have just talked about one small part of the business tools that are offered in the GibSales portion of GibLink. There are many other business tools, that you can sell or buy for yourself and earn an income on the purchases. This is a business within a business and there are many more advantages to being a member of this global community that is creating a buzz on the net and more ways to revenue share with this company.
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As a business entrepreneur I am very excited to share with you this amazing revenue sharing company that offers its members a complete business center. Giblink is creating an Internet frenzy and you are invited to be apart of the next Internet Giant. More about Giblink Visit Go 4 Giblink
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