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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Oct 30, 2007
Being an affiliate marketer can be tough. Not only do you always have to reinvent yourself, you also need to stay ahead in the race. Here are the best 10 ways in which you can ensure your affiliate marketing stays on top:

a. Content

The content on your site needs to be catchy, interesting and search engine friendly. You need to talk about your products in an unbiased and neutral manner, while also highlighting their benefits. You could include product reviews which describe the products in a neutral manner. It's all about employing your creativity, uniqueness while also including useful, informative articles which educate readers.

b. Include testimonials

Customer testimonials aren't just about fancy comments and glorified praises. They help establish credibility in your products, enable other customers to trust you and your products. Try and make it a practice to include as many testimonials and quotes from customers as you possibly can. This will help build your brand identity and reputation to a great extent.

c. Optins

Optins are a great way to increase your customer base. You could request customers to subscribe to newsletters and products etc. on your site. This way you get to add to the list of customer contacts in your database. It also helps in the long run, when you need to reach out to customers for future marketing and promotional campaigns. Whenever you need to launch a new product or start a new marketing campaign, you can just email promotional material to these very same customers.

d. Relevant traffic

Many affiliate marketers make the big mistake of attracting traffic for the sake of it. When it comes to affiliate marketing, what's more important is quality as opposed to quantity. It makes sense to have targeted and relevant traffic come into your site, rather than having an influx of visitors who aren't interested in purchasing anything on your site. By attracting relevant traffic, you are essentially bringing in a 'warm market' on your site, which in turn guarantees better conversion rates and hence sales.

e. Theme based

When you have an affiliate site you need to have a central theme and essence to build on your brand better. Therefore, if your website theme is all about cars and spare parts, the products you advertise should also refer to such relevant topics. By having associated products on your site, you establish a better brand reputation. Besides, customers are more likely to take you seriously when you show focus in your website.

f. Printer friendly

When you publish content on your site, most people will want to read it offline as well. This is truer, if your content is lengthy. If an article is lengthy but interesting enough, people will want to take a printout of the article and then read it at their leisure. So ensure that you have a link at the bottom of the article stating that it's printer friendly.

g. Navigability

You always need to have a site map for easy access to users. In today's fierce competition, if users can't find what they're looking for on your site, they'll go elsewhere. That's why, it's important to place a site map through which they can easily access the particular section they are looking for.

h. Freebies

Nothing attracts customers more than freebies - and the more the freebies the more customers you will have on your list. Plus, in this way you can spread the word about your business to other customers. Free resources and products are always sought after by customers and it greatly enhances your brand value online.

i. FAQs

Customers always have questions they will want to ask about your products on the site. You could probably think and act like a customer would and come up with a set of probable questions customers would ask. Try and categorize the FAQs so that customers can easily find the answers they are looking for.

j. Contact details and feedback

Make sure you include your contact information on the site. That way, customers can easily reach out to you if they need to ask something or post a feedback. Also ensure to include a feedback form on your site so customers can leave their suggestions and opinions about your site.
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