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Don't Suffer From Paralysis Through Analysis Over Your Sales Copy

Oct 30, 2007
Are you paralyzed because you aren't sure your sales copy is good enough...so you keep on tweaking it, but never activate it? If your answer is yes, keep the faith.

Nothing can stall your online business more than in-action. You can't steer a ship that isn't moving. So what you have to do is keep your ship moving...even if it's the wrong direction. At least if your ship is sailing in the wrong direction you have the momentum to make a U-Turn. If your ship is motionless (paralyzed?) your stuck. Let's look at possible solutions to your dilemma.

First make sure you have enough traffic on your site to determine your conversion rate. You can't analyze the quality of your copy in your head or in a vacuum (hmmm...is your head a vacuum?). The only way you can evaluate copy is by conversion rate. You can't get an accurate measure of your conversion rate unless you have an adequate traffic flow (ex. 500 visits a day). If you have enough traffic, put your copy out there and see how good your conversion rate is. You yourself can't guess whether your copy is attracts people because you might not think like other people. Remember, you are marketing other people not yourself. Think of all the top shows on TV you can't stand or the theme parks you hate that are continually packed. You see if you were a TV executive, you would never have put the show on the air or if you were a developer you would never have built the theme park... AND you would have been wrong.

Does this mean you put any old copy, well thought out or not, out there and hope for the best? Of course not! If you keep on throwing junk out there you will lose credibility and be run out of business. You have to make sure your copy conforms to the industry standard of good sales copy (there are a lot of resources out there that spell this out.) If your copy measures up to the industry standard to the best of your knowledge and effort there is no use in over-analyzing it. Get it out there.

What if you do have enough traffic but you are scared to put your copy out there because you worry it will flop and you will loose credibility? Just remember, if your copy measures up to the industry standard to the best of your knowledge and effort there is no use in over-analyzing it. Get it out there.
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Pat Campo is the Owner and President of Campo Business Research and Consulting, LLC and has over twenty years business writing experience. To read some of his informative yet more off-beat writings Pat recommends visiting his blog at http://patcampo.blogspot.com/. To learn more about Campo Business Research and Consulting, LLC Pat recommends visiting his website at: http://www.PatCampoNicheAffiliateMarketing.com . (I can always use a click).
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