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Use Articles To Promote Your Home Business For Free

Aug 17, 2007
By promoting your website with keyword articles, you get the link to your website circulating all over the Internet quickly-in places where the content is related to your website! It's simple-perform a search for sites that accept articles for free and make sure these sites will serve a live link back to your website. You can pick the sites that accept articles that will be related to your own website. A good place to start is FreeSticky (www.freesticky.com), which offers a chance to submit articles, use their articles as content for your website, and advertise with them; however, you will find many other sites that accept articles. Original articles are the best ones, because many search engines find out the dublicates. So you can write your articles by yourself.

Start writing your articles. Make sure they are rich with keywords that are relevant to not only the topic, but your website as well. Do not worry about writing tons of articles at first-you can write one article and submit the same one to several different sites that accept articles. Once you got the touch to writing, you can write more articles and branch out with different-yet pertinent-topics from your own experiences as home business owner. Remember, you can send your articles to various different websites, thus getting use out of each article more than once. This means a lot of spiders in several places in the internet.

Promoting your website with keyword articles is inexpensive, quick and easy, especially if you enjoy writing. Many webmasters are looking for quality content for their websites, and many people use free content articles just for that purpose, if the quality is high. Check into sites that accept articles about topics relevant to your website, create your articles, submit them, and wait for the traffic and sales of your website to increase.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, but powerful way to promote your home business , whether it is online or not, think about an article directory submission possibility. An article directory submission is a chance for you to write an article about relevant topic to your home business, rich in keywords, and get the link to your website from the directory for potential viewers and customers to see. Webmasters can even publish your article, which means more traffic and links.

Before you start looking for websites that offer article submissions, make sure that your article is ready. On the top of keywords, make sure that your article is formatted correctly, your grammar (spelling, punctuation, word usage, etc.) is correct, it has the appropriate length (generally 400 - 1.000 words-if it is longer, try dividing it into different articles), and that it offers useful, organized information for your customer and your home business. Think like your customer does!

After you have written and edited your article, write a brief summary for your article to present with your article directory submission and prepare a resource box. A resource box is what is going to get the traffic for your own website. It is the place to advertise yourself and your home business. Keep it short and include the most important information-your name, title, business, a catchy tagline and the main address for your website.

After you have done this, start finding for websites that will allow you to make an article directory submission.

A few good ones to get you started are

JustArticlesOnline.com (http://www.JustArticlesOnline.com),

BellaOnline (http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art12838.asp).

Each website have their own rules, regulations, and requirements, so be sure to familiarize yourself on all their information regarding submissions.

Webmasters are always looking for quality content for their websites, so by using an article directory submission, your article is sure to be read, thus your website traffic and sales will increase. But remember, this is not a volume race, but quality race. The quality of the content is critical. It makes your business rock´n roll, not the number of articles you have submitted. Write your article, prepare it for submission, submit it to the best sites for your website, and watch the your website traffic and sales rock.
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