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How To Start An Internet Marketing Blog

Oct 31, 2007
This year was the biggest year ever for internet marketing blogs. Mentors everywhere are trying to help people to learn how to make money online so the competition is pretty fierce. Being successful in that niche isn't easy, but will be well worth it if you put in the time. Creating a blog about internet marketing can give you a voice from which you can launch product after product.

In order to begin a site or blog about internet marketing, you will need to find a special angle that you can specialize in. Finding something that you're really good at will help to convince visitors that your site is worthwhile. Maybe you want to specialize in making money with websites, or maybe you will want to specialize in blogging.

Learning everything about one specialty will create more momentum in the beginning than spreading yourself too thin would. For the most part, people will know immediately whether you understand your topic, and this is why you want to learn everything possible about your specialty.

Writing about your specialty, you will attract people naturally that are trying to learn about it. Once you have learned and written a good amount on that topic, you can start another specialty.

Once you have chosen a new specialty, you can write half of your content on that topic, and half on the first topic. You may need to write more material on the second topic since it's a little behind. Dedicate your research time into learning the new topic, so that you can get to know it just as well as the first topic you learned about.

After you learn and create resources on each of the two original topics, you will continue to add topics one at a time until you have covered all of the topics of internet marketing. With this topic, you never need to worry about running out of material because the possibilities are virtually endless.

Possible topics that you can eventually cover on an internet marketing blog include SEO, pay per click marketing, affiliate marketing, copy writing, social media traffic and optimization, advertising, and other topics.

Learning each of those and publishing your knowledge will likely take at least one year, which is about how long it will take to build your traffic up to a level that will provide a significant income. Your site can then be used to launch all of the products you can create.
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