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False Expectations Lead to MLM Failure

Oct 31, 2007
Many people go into their MLM business with false expectations. This is the number one reason for failure in network marketing and MLM businesses. People go into an MLM venture thinking things will be one way and then they are not. They are fed false hopes and promises and made to believe that things will happen a certain way and then they do not.

There are different reasons why some people are misled during MLM programs. Many people are led into an MLM by a well-meaning sponsor that told them a lot of things that weren't exactly the truth. Others were brought into by a selfish person that wanted their own profits to increase so they say whatever they need to say to get other people to sign up.

Some people are told that these MLM opportunities are not about selling, that you don't need any prior skill or experience and that the product will sell itself. This type of deception leads to a false security that you will be able to sell whatever it is that you are selling and that it will be easy and require very little work or experience on your part. Once you actually start your business, you will discover that it's really not that easy.

Some people go into MLM with their own false expectations, not due to anything someone else has told them. These people think that they may be able to strike it rich in network marketing and that MLM will be like winning the lottery. They think they will be able to strike it rich from some great scheme and never have to work again. This ends up being pretty disappointing when they realize it doesn't work that way.

While MLM can be a very profitable and successful business, you need to look at for what it is - a business. Don't think it is some get-rich-quick scheme that will make you a millionaire overnight. Just like any other legitimate business, there will be work involved as well as budgeting and planning and strategy. It's certainly not a hand-out or everyone would be claiming their piece.

Now that you understand how false expectations can lead you astray, you are ready to start your MLM informed and prepared. Don't allow the hype, lies or misinformations create false expectations for you. Remember that real success is possible through a proven method and strategy but not through an overnight miracle.

When you learn to distinguish the lies from the truth and drop false expectations, you can go into your MLM venture with a true plan for success. This is a great way to ensure you profit from your MLM venture and have fun doing it.
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