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How A Team of Board Of Directors Can Develop Your Business Success

Oct 31, 2007
As I learn from doing home business, I get to meet and learn from a lot people. Being an individual who loves to reach out to people, I love meeting and learning from people especially business owners and entrepreneurs. Why do I mention business owners and entrepreneurs? I felt that business owners and entrepreneurs have huge responsibilities. I mean really huge responsibilities in making a successful business.

I felt that entrepreneurs have huge task of playing roles such as leading a team, investing wisely for the business, taking care of the financial cash flow of the company and selling to attract the market.Entrepreneurs need to have great leadership qualities. One of the roles that entrepreneurs might do often is to raise money for the development and progress of the company. When they need to raise money, they need to impress the investors. I was sitting down the other day and I was thinking that one of the strategies that entrepreneurs can use to impress their investors to raise money is to have an excellent team of board of directors. Who would be in my board of directors' team?

The first person in my team is the experienced wise man. He would be someone with vast amount of experience. When he speaks, the team members listen attentively as he shares his knowledge and experience. Second person in the team is the smart aleck guy, the individual with great technical knowledge who would look into the nitty gritty details of potential problems of the business development.Third person in my team is the extremely hard worker.He is a self driven and motivated individual. His motto: Commit to win! He is someone who would go all out and do his utmost best for the team. He works hard and normally accomplishes his task well for the team. His action motivates others to work hard for the team.

Fourth person in the team is the feedback guy. I realized when I sat with my good friend over a cup of coffee, we do love to complain about things in life. I also realized that every time when we complain, we realized the mistakes, pitfalls and feedback from our complaints that we can gather to learn from and develop and improve ourselves better. Thus, it does help to have a feedback guy in the team who would provide great feedback about any shortcomings in the running of the business. The fifth and last person in the team is the playboy. The playboy is the individual who loves to network with people and have a lot of contacts in his list. These are some choices of the team members of the board of directors.

I felt that with great team to support the business, the business can sustain itself better. Through my experiences and learning from people, I have learn that entrepreneurs who build great team create a defining and successful business.
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