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Work at Home Data Entry - What You Need To Know Before You Start

Oct 31, 2007
While jobs for data entry have been projected to decline over 2014, a number of businesses are looking to outsource. The greatest obstacle for anyone looking to become a work at home data entry worker is finding a legitimate work at home data entry opportunity to become employed in.

It is not as if all the job opportunities are scams, the problem lies with the fact that there is not a great demand for them thus competition is great among those who want and already do work in this field.

True, the nature of the work would seem as though there is plenty of room for virtually everyone. And this seems true from a shallow viewpoint.

Some of the tasks that are sent out to work at home data entry business operators are typing text and entering data into their home computer and transferring the work via telephone or cable lines. They key in text into computers, and perform other duties such as proofing and editing material to help organizations keep up with the demand of this "information age."

The information may include membership lists, medical records and customers' personal information.

Anyone with the right education can do this. However, finding a company that wants you to for a fair wage is where the game of hide and seek come to play.

In-house, office based jobs differ from what you normally see advertised online.

Web-based data entry jobs are usually ad typing work. This may include writing little classified ads for businesses.

Now this is a perfectly legitimate job, there are numerous organizations out there that need people to do this; however, keep in mind that for many of these companies you do not get paid unless someone buys the product from your ad. Unless you are a marketing maverick, and are willing to spend 20 hours a day typing ads, the income displayed on the work at home data entry job website is not generally made.

Thus the search begins for something a little more professional-clerical duties and the like. Anyone who has tried to make a living online knows that success is not without competition. And when it comes to searching for these types of work at home data entry jobs you will have ample competition even if you feel you are more than qualified.

Sites like craigslist.org and Indeed.com are great places to look for work at home data entry jobs. Indeed.com has the ability to pull jobs from most of the job listing sites and put them all in one place, making the search a little easier for you. Trouble is everyone is looking at that same job. Thus you need to search everyday for jobs that are suitable to your needs-everyday. You also need to create a resume and cover letter that is ready to impress.

While you are in the process of promoting create business cards and flyers to hand out to small business letting them know of your services.

Avoid free listing sites if possible. Scam artists usually use free classified job boards to lure in victims. Membership sites tend to be a little safer.

Next be wary of doing business with a company that uses a free email service.

If the company asks for a fee before answering any questions walk away.

Check, check and check once more to find out all you can about the company.

Finally, do not be afraid of competition. If you come across a job posting for a work at home data entry job that you would like to do go for it. Many people miss out on great opportunities for fear of actually getting involved. Once you find a company that works for you, do all you can to work for them.
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