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How Much Traffic Is Needed To Your Home Business Site?

Aug 17, 2007
The purpose of the home business promotion is to get visitors, turn them into clients and turn clients into customers. 1.000 dollar question is, how can you select the right visitors? Or can you?

Yes, you can as well as in advertising generally it can be done. At Google AdWords you make the selection by keywords and adcopy. At traffic exchanges you can mostly select categories where you advertise and your adcopy will segment also.

At article marketing, you choose the category, where your article will be published and of course the content of the article does itīs job. Using Ezines the segmentation is relatively weak, so the adcontent has the major role.

Best targeted is your opt-in subscriber list, because your subscribers have really wanted that you send advertising to them. In search engine search results good discription of your site will target the site to the right people.

So targetting happens through mediums and adcontent. Concerning adcontents, remember that quality is king, it is everything.

Mediums above generate traffic in a very different ways. AdWords and Ezines are paid mediums and can build traffic rapidly with the amounts you are willing to pay for.

SEO, articles and your own opt-in list are " steady flow traffic generators " and work residually.
Then the question of the amount of visitors to your home business. This is a numbers game. Note, that I give you now numbers from my own experience only. There is not any reliable stats available concerning home businesses in general.

Google AdWords ads.
To be able to get one buyer, I have to get 50 - 200 visitors to my website. To be able to get one visitor ( click ) to my site, I have to get 2.500 - 40.000 impressions at Google to my tiny ad.
I normally try to reach from 4. to 7.7 th page with each keyword. Home business marketing is a numbers game.

Traffic exchanges.
I use these sites to get subscribers to my newsletter. My target is to surf 200 - 300 credits daily, using 10 different sites. Results depend greatly on the ad but my " sign up rate " has been 1 - 2 %, which means 2 - 6 new, fresh subscribers every single day. Nice results. Especially when this is totally free.

Ezine rotators.
This is the medium which rotates short text ads-list, from which the subscriber can select the newsletter he wants. Here the adcopy is critical. The service I use generates one new subscriber out of every 20 impressions, which is 5 %.
This is a steady flow of subscribers to my auto-responder list, in average 2 per day. Very good! One feature is fantastic: this is 100 % automated and works even when Iīm sleeping. That is why I sleep very much!

My opt-in list.
My own subscribers are the most targeted target group. My auto-responder sends emails to my subscribers every other day and additionally I use my weekly home business newsletter, which is a hit.
Think about this: the conversion rate of my newsletter is between 10 - 20 %. Itīs a real success. When people feel they belong to " the family " they are more willing to buy. Itīs a kind of a support. I have to confess that my home business newsletter requires a lot of work. But it is worth that.

Keyword rich articles.
I use my blog and automated article submitter for my article distributions. The efficiency figures are like: every article published will bring one dollar back monthly. The total distribution is to around 33.000 directories, websites and other places around the internet.

The efficiency of my blog is greatly influenced by my siteīs search engine ranking, which at the moment is on ordinary level. Here the combination of the mass of quality articles and high search engine ranking brings massive sales with constant flow.

It is totally automated and is working even if I play golf in Springfield Golf Club in Thailand.
As you see, many things influences on the final results. If you want to comment my figures or publish your own ones, feel free to do so. My mail is on the right upper side of my site.
About the Author
I am Juhani Tontti, a professional NetBizMarketer. My passion is to co-operate with serious NetBizMarketers.
Take a look at my site, which gives a living to me: http://www.Way2Miracle.com. Download my gift to you and subscribe my newsletter.
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