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Trouble Ticket Software - You Might Be Surprised To Know That The Trouble Ticket Software?

Oct 31, 2007
You might be surprised to know that the trouble ticket software now associated with customer relationship management systems has it's origins in paper-based reports. In fact, when the concept of trouble tickets was introduced, it was compared to the hospital chart hung next to a patient's bed.

This was because both the chart and ticket start with a problem and gradually progress to reflect the work done on it by multiple people at various stages.Manufacturing was another area where paper-based trouble reports were used extensively.
Although trouble tickets these days have found their way toe-commerce sites and call centres, their basic function remains the same - that of tracking a problem through the stages of it's detection, communication, and resolution.

Trouble tickets have now become web-based and technology-driven, and in the process become more widely-used, accessible, and structured. A customer with a problem can create a trouble ticket as easily as filling up a form.Modern trouble ticket software such as Premium Response guides the customer with appropriate instructions for submitting tickets and tracking the progress of the ticket.

When a ticket is created, the ticketing software allots a distinct identification number to each problem and stores it in the database for later review. It may then send e-mails to notify service staff about the new customer request.
Certain organisations generate so many tickets that a whole team of service staff is required to service them.With Premium Response, you can identify the areas where tickets are generated the most and focus on improving those areas to decrease the volume of tickets produced. In situations where a team is involved in handling tickets, the ticketing system ensures that a ticket is handled or owned by one person only at any point of the time.

This avoids duplication of work and entries. If this system were substituted by the traditional email system, more than one person is likely to reply to the same problem simultaneously and cause confusion.

The need for trouble tickets arises from the fact that today it's not enough to just make a note of the customers problem and hang up with a polite thank you. More than words, your customers need the assurance of a system especially built to remember and resolve their problems. Today's trouble ticket software solutions do this and more with features such as web-based accessibility, correspondence tracking, e-mail alerts, custom fields, ticket monitoring, unlimited service operators, multiple inquiry templates and email-based submission.

Correspondence tracking allows you to view all the messages exchanged over a ticket. You can determine if the ticket is new, closed, unresolved or awaiting more information from the ticket creator. The email submission feature allows new tickets and their responses to be input through email by both customers and service staff. An email-processing program takes the text from these messages and enters them in the standard format to the ticketing system. These are the key features of ticketing systems available today.
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