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IT Help Desk Software -License For Small Companies?

Oct 31, 2007
Many organizations and companies who are trying various ways to improve their customer service dept invest in IT help desk software. Such software is basically an application that is developed for complementing the job operations of a customer support representative and helping him/her in assisting the consumers in an effective and efficient manner.

Customer support systems are advantageous in various aspects. Firstly, since you have the capacity to process customer tickets faster, you have added customer satisfaction, which in turn makes retention rate escalate. Your profits would increase and subsequently you would be able to pay for the authorization expenses of the software. Secondly, such a script makes it much more easier to administer work of the customer support representatives. Overtime you will notice you are actually getting more out of what you are paying your employees.

Many organizations and companies ignore the idea of using IT help desk software merely because its expensive. However, there are various IT help desk software, allow a certain number of license types, irrespective of owning a database or web server required for running the application,People who do not own these servers can opt for a license that hosts the servers on monthly basis initially. Even though this option is considerably expensive than the other options, it is best for people who yearn for extra convenience. On the other hand, people who own servers, have three options.They are:License for small companies - Smaller companies have a license on the name of each member of the customer service department.

This license is best for small companies, as small teams can use the software for longer time; thus, making it easier to address all customer queries. These licenses are renewed and releases on the basis of every member of the team, as they are person-specific.

License for companies of varied sizes - Companies of varied sizes can opt for the second licensing option. For this, they will have to know approximately how many from the customer service department will be working at a time. As per the specifications of this license, employees are allowed to have a certain number of login at one time, irrespective of who is logged on at the that time.

License for large companies - Site license is a kind of license specifically for full-fledged call centers or large companies. It allows indefinite number or customer care representatives to access the system at a given time.According to various consumer reviews, FootPrints is said to be one of the most sought after IT help desk software.

It offers limitless user abilities and complimentary upgrades along with the yearly maintenance contract. It works best with UNIX, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Linux, operating systems. FootPrints also offers assignment of reference numbers, searchable databases, billing databases F.A.Q databases, and much more.
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