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Find Your Target Market in Network Marketing

Oct 31, 2007
One of the most common mistakes made in network marketing and MLM is to try to target everyone. You may hear the typical network marketing lie "Everyone is a prospect". This could not be further from the truth. When you try to be a jack-of-all-trades, you often end up playing the fool of many. All too often companies try to tell you that you can sell your product to anyone you know. Well, even if you can, it doesn't mean you should.

There are many great reasons why you need a tighter, more targeted niche of people with which to work on. When you try to target too wide of an audience with your network marketing or MLM strategies, no one really feels that they are special, that you connect with them or that they can connect with your product or service. You won't be able to answer their question of, "What's in it for me?" You also lose your focus because it is impossible to have one central focus when targeting such a wide range of people.

When you know what your target market is, you will be able to get into their minds, think the way that they think and therefore, know how to properly market to them. The more tailored your market, the tighter your niche, the better your potential for sales will be. You need to have a very specific idea and profile of the type of person that would buy your product and then you need to be able to think like them.

One thing that you need to understand about any type of sales or marketing is that you are not trying to sell the product or convince someone of how great it is. Instead, you are trying to answer the questions of your potential buyer, meet their needs and show them that your product can benefit them in some way. You must appeal to them in a way that other companies do not.

This is the real secret to getting sales and it all revolves around knowing your target market and how to appeal to them properly. Market research is very important and will be required for you to best understand the type of person that makes up your target profile. Demographics are important here but remember the basic rules of marketing and sales.

People buy first on emotion and second on logic. Your first step once you lock in your potential prospects is to reel them in with emotions. You must appeal to something very human inside of them, some deep need or desire or want. Then once you have achieved this, you must also appeal to their logical sides by giving them facts and practical reasons why they should choose your company or product.

When you take these proper steps and formulate a marketing strategy that is centered on your target market, you will see success. You will see that your prospects are people who are actually interested in your product or service and you will see more sales and higher profits.
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