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Running a Successful Online Store

Oct 31, 2007
Millions of websites exist for the sole purpose of selling things online. Making your own store that will be noticed and allow you to make money is sometimes easy, but usually lined with problems, disasters and frustrations. Learn how to overcome many of these frustrations and avoid much of the hassle. Remember, work is work, but you should enjoy your work in order to be truly successful.

First, if you are running an online store either you need to know some good programming skills, or you need to hire someone who is your web designer and programmer. The best way to hire someone is as a freelance person who you only use when you need them. Most businesses have no need for a programmer on a full time basis especially when you are first starting out. Look to find someone who works freelance to save money and have the services you need when you need them.

Second, ensure that once you have your programmer that you do some periodic updates and maintenance to your website. It is vitally important that you keep your site running smoothly, up to date, safe and secure if you are handling financial transactions online. You do not want customers experiencing problems and malfunctions with your website when they are attempting to place an order or look into your products that are available.

Third, look into purchasing a domain name and web hosting. While using the free domains and web hosting is obviously cheaper, it is not as professional to customers. In addition, remember what is easier to remember "yourbusiness.yahoo.com" or just simply "yourbusiness.com" you need to make a good strong and professional impression in order to achieve good success online.

Fourth, always make sure that you are keeping an eye out for any security holes in your website. Clients and customers do not want to be worried about their information being stolen and leaked out to people who prey on the innocent online. If you do not know what to look for, find someone who does. Have periodic checks around your site performed to make sure there are no problems. If problems are discovered, immediately notify your web designer so they can work to repair the security holes and restore safety to your website.

Last, never be guilty of SPAM. While people need to advertise, look into placing banner ads, using advertisement in the search engines and even placing ads in various newspapers and magazines, rather than sending out SPAM. You should consider also having your website optimized for SEO or Search Engine Optimization to help improve how easily potential customers can find you. If your site is too hard to find, people will be less likely to find you and purchase from you. Just as a brick and mortar store wants easy access, an internet store needs easy access as well.
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