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Get Out Of Your Own Way To Increase Your PPC Conversions

Nov 1, 2007
Online marketing is different than offline marketing. You have different goals, different actions that you want your prospects to take, and different messages that you want to get across. If your business is mainstream in anyway, you will surely have seen the costs of your PPC advertising increase in recent years. The bidding has become extremely competitive for many keywords and it is driving the cost per click up to a point where many small and home based businesses are struggling to maintain a successful ad campaign while staying within their PPC budget. That is why it has become more important than ever to keep a close eye on your conversation rate and your cost per acquisition of each sale to make sure you are maximizing your ad dollars.

Here are 3 things you can do to increase conversions from your PPC advertising.

When someone clicks from a PPC ad and lands on your page you want them to see a quality website that is extremely relative to the keyword they searched for. If they don't see and feel this as soon as they hit your page, they will quickly hit the Back button and move on to the next ad on the list. You may have heard the saying recently that "Content is King." Take this to heart. If your page does not have quality content that is helpful to the user, that will help them make an informed decision about your product or service, they will move on. You need to provide them with everything they need so that they do not feel the need to look elsewhere. This can be accomplished in a number of ways: articles, product reviews, an intuitive FAQ section, a consumer oriented blog, clear descriptions of what you offer and the benefits they can expect to see from using it, and more.

Once they have decided to purchase from you, don't stand in their way. Make it as easy as possible for them to do business with you. Remove any roadblocks by offering multiple payment options. That will include all types of major credit cards, online payment options such as Google Checkout and PayPal, as well as electronic check. As well, keep your order process as short as possible. Many times people will abandon an order form that is too long or collecting too much peripheral information. You should also have some sort of guarantee or free trial so that the customer feels confident in their purchasing decision. Make sure that you not only offer these trials and guarantees but that you advertise them boldly.

If your visitors have questions, you want them to be able to get them answered quickly and in the easiest manner for them. Some people will want to email their questions in, while others will want an immediate answer through a live chat or by actually talking to someone. Having a toll free number will be vital here. Not only do customers expect to be able to talk to someone, they expect that call to be free of charge as well. A toll free number is also going to further your credibility that you already established with your content and guarantee. For some people, just seeing a toll free number displayed prominently on your web page will give them the confidence that you will be there if they need you in the future. Another source of help for your customers should be the in depth FAQ section that you developed to add to your quality content.

Once someone clicks from your PPC ad to your site, you need to make sure you are not standing in your own way of having that visitor becoming a customer. Increase your PPC conversions by having a professional site with quality content to help the visitor in their purchasing decision. Then get out of their way and lead them through a short and sweet order process with multiple payment options so that there is something for everyone. And if they have questions, make sure they can get them answered in a number of different ways. Just implementing these 3 things into your website will increase your conversions off your PPC ads and allow you to stay competitive in your keyword bidding.
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Brandi Cummings is an expert author on the unique issues facing small and home based businesses in today's competitive business world. Take your first step to increasing your PPC conversions today with a virtual toll free number from www.Freedom800.com.
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