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Network Marketing - Mastering Your Marketing & Sales Flow

Nov 1, 2007
The key to network marketing success is controlling your marketing and sales flow. If you really want to grow your network marketing business but you're struggling with how, consider this...

You need to understand and get control of your own marketing and sales flow.

Every business from a home-based network marketing business to a Fortune 100 company follows a certain marketing and sales flow. The pace and complexity of the flow may vary depending on the industry and type of service you provide. But it is a fact that your network marketing business has a flow.

The traditional network marketing approach operates under the premise that you need to get into massive activity in order to "get the word out there." You're told that success in your network marketing business is a matter of telling as many people as you can get in front of what the business is about and seeing if they're interested in joining you or at least using the product. Remember that professionals sort, amateurs convince.

Unfortunately, with this approach you're fighting against the natural marketing and sales flow of a sound business. Think about it. Would you rather sort through 100 people to find nine good prospects or sort through 10 people to find those same nine good prospects?

When you're in the natural marketing and sales flow of your business, then you're following proven principles and strategies to create a consistent flow of high-quality prospects. When all you're doing is following the traditional network marketing approach it's like throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. You can build a successful business this way, but you really are going against the flow.

In gaining control of the natural marketing and sales flow of your business, recognize that it starts by grabbing attention. Getting your highest quality prospects to know you exist and want to know more means focusing on them first and not your opportunity. It's about being clear on who you want to help (target market) and what you want to help them get done. Let me suggest that what they most want to get done is figure out how to succeed in any business.

People are walking through life concerned with their own set of problems, issues, and challenges. They're constantly looking for solutions to address these issues and achieve higher levels of personal and professional success. In most cases it's how to succeed in a network marketing home-based business.

That's why it's a great place to start for grabbing their attention and piquing their interest. If all you do is talk about your new business opportunity, you're leaving up to them to connect the dots and determine if there is any relevance for them and the challenges they're dealing with.

The next logical step in the flow is building some interest, credibility and trust. You've gained attention, so now you need to give them some information to educate them more on your way of thinking and what kinds of results you can produce. The objective is to let them see you as a possible source of help to address their issue. The ones who are ready to explore possibilities will begin revealing themselves to you.

Eventually you'll be talking about your business opportunity and things like the incredible compensation plan, etc. But is it really the best place to start?

When you understand your own marketing and sales flow, your ability to succeed in your network marketing business becomes so much more possible. Now you can set up systems to leverage and support the flow. Most home-based business owners never consider this for their own business. This simple shift in focus can give you a huge advantage.
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