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A Review Of The The Mannatech Income Opportunity

Nov 1, 2007
Mannatech is a multinational firm that is a multilevel marketing plan. They do research and distribution of glyconutrients. They are traded on the NASDAQ and have a market capital of around $280 million.

On June 1, 2007, 20/20 aired an undercover investigation showing Mannatech's sales associates teaching their recruits how to market to patients with specific illnesses. They did it in a way that does not violate the US federal law by avoiding direct claims that it actually cures the disease.

They offer nutritional products; topical products and skin care products. They also have a weight management system of 4 products. Mannatechs main product they promote is Manapol. They claim this to be a "Nutraceutical" which means a food that is able to alter the structure of the function of the human body where normal foods cannot. The product Manapol is only aloe vera juice. They have acknowledged that in the past many companies took advantage of the aloe vera fad and had counterfeits, but say theirs is the real thing.

At one time they claimed that it was useful for AIDS, and that sent their stocks up dramatically. Mannatech is telling the consumers that its supplements are safe, promote good heath, and that insurance will even cover the costs. Then they are telling the Investors that they didn't know whether its products were safe, or if they even worked. The question here is why are the consumers being told one thing and the Investors something totally opposite?

Mannatech hired some medical experts for their promotions that actually brought discredit on the their company. One of the physicians promoted the company in their videos and their major events. He claimed to be a doctor and have a diploma. Well, the diploma was actually just a piece of paper obtained by a diploma mill operated in Birmingham Alabama. They still run a few schools that the Dept of Ed has tried to shut down, but without success. They just can't offer any programs now to any Alabama citizens.

The company is also known for its literature, its websites and their multilevel marketing plan with all their claims and links to cellular glycobiolgy, which has been disputed for a long time by individual Nobel Prize winners. Mannatech sells products like their GlycoLEAN Body System, which is a package of powdered drink mixes and vitamins that cost a whopping $179 a month.

The company is still under investigation for fraud by another physician that promoted its pills of their main product, ambrotose. This is when they claimed it would help diseases such as AIDS and cancer, which was put on an audiocassette and then distributed by the company. On August 20, 1999, Mannatech claimed to have cut ties with Dr. See and was considering a lawsuit against him.

Sam Caster was the president of Mannatech and eventually resigned because of all the pressure on the company from its shareholders and regulators who accused the company of using illegal sales tactics. The company then asked all sales reps to stop using the any marketing materials that made any connection with products and disease.

The company is still around today, just with a different marketing method for their products. They are still under the watchful eye the Federal Trade Commission and Fraud Alerts.

They say you can find financial freedom building your business. They use a Team building method and a Power Bonus designed to sustain your cash flow. They encourage you to register for their automatic product order that sends you products every month, at a larger discount than if you were to order them when you needed them. They also ask you to share your business with 6 friends, which enable you to earn your commissions.

As far as doing this as a business, I think I would look toward other companies with similar products, if that were what you are really interested in. But I would not really recommend this one as your foundation for an income. While a few do make money, the majority are either off to the next flavor of the week or back to focus on their J.O.B.
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