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9 Killer Work At Home Business Ideas For A Profitable Article Title

Nov 1, 2007
Why do I write about article title only, is it so important? Yes, you guessed right. The title of your work at home business ideas article is the promise to the reader, which will also position your article to the right target group. Plus informs the search engine with the right keyword.

1.The Title Must Offer A Clear Benefit For The Reader.
We can say that the article is like an ad, which uses only text. That is why the title makes or break the whole thing. The first job it has is to get attention, otherwise it is worhtless.Your article is an ad and the first job of an add is to get reqocnized, otherwise it is worthless. The beginning of the title must catch the attention of the reader. It must be different from the other titles and never be boring.

2. You Write To The Reader, But The Efficiency Comes From The Search Engines.
The heart of the article power are the keywords. Most probably the article does not climb high in the search engine result pages but the landing page will. This means that you have to use the same keywords in your article than you use in the text of your landing page. This makes them related.

The power of the high search engine ranking comes from the backlinks, i.e the more you have and especially if they are high quality, the more the search engines love your work at home business ideas site. To be able to pick effective keywords you must invest into the best software available.

3. The Main Keyword Must Be Among The First 4 Words In The Title.
As said earlier the keyword will position the article and inform the search engines that this very information is for those, who use the keyword work at home business ideas. If the keyword is among the first words of the title, it brings two clear benefits.

4. The Period Is Forbidden
Never use a period in the end of the title. It just does not belong there. Instead it is allowed to use an exclamation point or a question mark, but only once.

5. Write The Title With Upper / Lower Case.
Your work at home business ideas site is important for you and the upper/power case usage makes the title somehow more valuable. Alternatively you can write the minor words with the lower case, if you will, but do not use all caps, because they are hard to read.

6. Never Use Quotes In The Title.
Why? Simply because the editors of the article will never accept that. One editor once said to me, that a headline is a headline, it just cannot be a quotation.

7. Do Not Use Your Name In The Title.
The correct place of the author name is in the bio box of the SEO article and most editors will remove the author name from the title, teaser or the body copy.

8. Do Not Use HTML In The Title.
I do not know of one directory, which accepts HTML in the title. It is simply forbidden.

9.Include Numerical Value In The Beginning Of The Title.
Including a numerical value adds interest and credibility. It tells about the precise and examined information, it is some kind of The Truth Effect. Odd numbers work best, with the exception being number ten.
Make sure the title is attention catching, interesting, exciting, has a promise contains the related keyword and follow the rules of the article directory editors.If your title contains high demand keyword, which is actually searched and the title is written in a persuasive way, your article will be read. What a fantastic chance to presell the work at home business ideas!
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