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Writing for Success - Get That Article Written!

Aug 17, 2007
Article writing has become an internet explosion as marketers work out new ways to build traffic to their sites.

Most search engines now use the links that article placements generate as a key indicator of the value of the site mentioned in the article - usually the signature. And it's one-way links to your site that are the most valuable.

And article writing is not that hard - in fact there are some simple and great formulas that really do work when you are trying to come up with ideas.

Top Ten Ways to...
3 Key Steps to...
7 Ways You Can...
How to...

...are all simple yet very powerful ways to start out when you are composing your article.

And then there are the issues around quality and content. You know, the real beauty of writing articles is that they are about opinion - your opinion.

And whilst people can debate what you say (because their opinion is different), this very rarely happens, except where you find yourself contributing in very competitive fora, which you can choose to do - or not! Often these are the most fruitful places to get your links seen.

As you are sharing your opinion, it's not that you are encouraging others to think like you do. No, it's about stimulating thought.

If your article provides that food for thought, then you have done your job, your article will be read, passed on and will do your reputation and traffic no harm at all.

No one can claim your opinion as wrong - it's you opinion! Inside your brain. Of course others can criticise it, yet if that irritates or disconcerts you, it's time to review why you are writing your articles in the first place.

Detach yourself from the content, in the warm and cosy knowledge that your article is out there, on the internet sending little beacons out to search engines, that the website shown in your signature is worth visiting.

Bear this in mind - as long as you have taken the time to get your resource box, or signature, right, with the necessary HTML link, if that's necessary, then that's a great job done (and if all you learn about HTML is that one thing - how to put a live link into your resource box, it's been worth it).

How do the numbers stack up? Over an 18 month period, I've placed my 130+ (at time of writing) articles in article banks for one of my websites.

These have been read over 50,000 times since I started and are now to be found on around 5,000 links into my site. All for free and a little disciplined awareness on my part of what might constitute a useful article!

Sure they took me a while to write and I make sure that the spelling is OK. Remember though that these articles don't have to be 'perfect' - you aren't being marked for a grade. They have to be from the gut, written from your heart and essentially you.

No excuses - get the first one under your belt and get it out there - remember the purpose is just that, not to get an A* from the teacher! 400 words is all it takes!

If I can write, so can anyone.
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2006 Martin Haworth is a business coach, writer and entrepreneur. He has a number of projects on the go at any time. His current website is at What A Way To Make Money.com
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