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On Page SEO Optimization Made Easy

Nov 1, 2007
SEO is the one of the most important skill sets any internet marketer should have. It's one of the easiest and most profitable forms of traffic any website owner could receive. Search Engine Traffic is not the easiest to obtain however. One of the most important things a website owner should learn is how to optimize their web pages specifically for the search engines.

First things first, you should have your keyword picked out and ready to go. Once you've got that you can proceed to optimizing your web page.

It's also recommended that you have a rudimentary understanding of HTML.

Title Tags

The first thing you should do is include your keyword inside the title tags. The title tags are the first elements right after the head tags.

It's best that you include some other related text after you input the keyword. If my keyword was SEO I'd input something like SEO - Tips And Tricks For Optimizing Webpages

You can also add the title element to your outgoing links. Local links should also have keyword related title elements added on to them.

Header Tags

Header tags are in my opinion the second most important part of on page optimization right after optimized content. Header should be placed right before the content of your website. You should always place your keyword in header tags with a few other words relevant to your content. Also, always bold your keyword in your header tags.

Extra Tip: Use other relevant text related to surround your keyword with. Search Engines will sometimes penalize you for using a certain word or phrase to much.

Bold Your Keywords

It's always a good practice to add bold tags to your keyword when in your content. Your keywords should always be enclosed in bold tags whenever they come up in your content.

Image Alt Tag

If you can swing it, your keyword should be included in the alt tag of one of your images.

The ALT element can be added to an image if it isn't already. If you need help with this part of on page optimization then I suggest you look it up at htmlhelp.com. It's a great website that has taught me html from the bottom up. It's very useful to learn html when you are doing business on the internet.

Extra Tip: Try to use an image right after your header tags. It looks better in the search engines eye. Also, try to lay off the flash effects and javascript elements.

Keywords In Your Content

You should always include your keyword in your content. It's always better if you keep your keyword density around 3-6%. Keyword Density means your keyword should make up 3-6% of your content. Content should always be unique and relevant to your website.

If you follow all of these steps and techniques you should be on your way to ranking over your competitors. Remember, on page optimization isn't the deciding factor when it comes to rankings. Build your links and create good content for best results.
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