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The 3 Best Places To Research For Free Information

Nov 1, 2007
Internet marketing online creates many different needs that have to be filled by the home based business entrepreneur. What many consider as one of the more tedious tasks is research. Whether it be for gathering content for a new ebook or article or simply to find a new niche to target, research is a basic chore for all internet marketers.

Among the places you can conduct your research, three stand out as the best because you can get your information for free. The three to which I refer are your local library, a bookstore and probably the most incredible source of information ever, the internet.

While each of these sources are extremely helpful when conducting research they each have their own drawbacks. Following is a brief look at each and the inevitable positives and negatives associated with them.

Your Local Library

An excellent source of information, although most of what you will find here may be a bit dated since libraries don't always have the latest releases.

Naturally the bigger the library the more likely the chances of finding the information you're looking for. If you live in a bigger city you will most likely have a main library that you can access which will have much more to offer than smaller satellite branches.

Another factor in a library's favor is that you can take most of the books you need for research home with you so you can gather your information at your own leisure.

One of the best ways to find a hot niche is to look through the magazines in the library. Check out back issues and look for long running ads that have not been changed for several issues. This most likely means that the ad is working and the product is selling otherwise the ad would have been pulled. Advertisers won't keep running ads if they're not working.

A Bookstore

Many bookstores now allow you to actually sit and read the books that are available in the store without even having to make a purchase.

This is nice if you're looking to relax but when researching a specific niche topic you may be better off working at a faster pace in order to keep focused on the task at hand.

Once again look at the magazine rack. This is an incredible resource for finding not just hot niches but niches where people have money to spend because if there's a magazine being published for that niche then there are people willing and able to buy it.

Also by looking for topics with large areas dedicated to them and many shelves of books you will know that there is not only an abundance of information but a lot of interest too. A bookstore will not use up space on books that don't sell.

The Internet

This is the the largest source of information you may ever encounter. There is just an incredible amount available on practically any niche topic you can think of.

From aardvarks to zoology and everything in between you can find free information on the internet if you know where to look. Naturally you would want to start with the major search engines but there are alternatives such as public domain works.

Beware though when using the internet as a reference source that many people post many different kinds of information and not all of it may be true or factual. As with any source, always double or triple check accuracy before using information found on the internet.

With these three sources at hand you should be able to find more than enough information on most any topic to create products, web sites and articles in a timely fashion.
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