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HR Training KPI Will Have To Be

Nov 2, 2007
When you look at HR training, there will be the teams to consider. You will have a lot of work that you will hand out to the training managers. These will be the most important people who will know how the team under them is working. Many factors again will be taken into consideration when it comes to HR training KPI.

You will need a good plan with which you can also balance the training hours. The hours will be looked at in fine detail. Goals should be set around the training KPIs, so that you really have some kind of targets. The workforce plan will have to be set with the KPIs. You will have to monitor them, and also analyze them with the related KPIs.

You cannot have training for HR without looking at some KPIs. This will help you look at the performance, as you will have to understand what the investment will do. You have to look deeply at these KPIs, during training, and then analyze and look at the results. This will have to be done on a monthly as well as weekly basis.

One of the main KPIs that will have to be looked at, are the number of productive hours that you will have with the trainees. This can be calculated on a monthly basis. Then there will be the need to look at development as well as research, about the team that is being trained. There should be a look at the staff turnover, and all the low phases that the company is experiencing.

Next there will be a look at the sickness leave, but transfers can be excluded. Employee relations are the next factor that needs to be looked at, and this will include the role of the partners in the divisions. There will have to be those who will deal with the problems that all employees will face. How the teams are being lead and the leadership management will be taken into account.

Equalities monitoring will be looked at, as there will be legal responsibilities along with that. Safety and health of all the employees will be the last but the least. The company should look at whether the trainees will be able to do the job and also continue with the job. As they are investing for the future of the company, it is imperative to understand that this is noted.

Trainees should also be checked in the beginning to note whether they want to do the job at all. Strategies are required for the improvement of results. Though the indicators will be given on a regular basis, what steps are being taken to solve them is what is important. But they should be planned with a complete goal in mind.

The environment for the employees is especially important to monitor. If the teamwork is not in place, there will be a lot of insights that the company will be missing. Service users needs have to be kept in mind to take this further.
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