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Hr Metrics Is An Insight To Employees

Nov 2, 2007
Most companies would claim that they value their employees a lot. But not much is done to assess what they are all about. They do not know if they are productive or not, and some even say that it is difficult to measure their capacity. There should be complete training for the employees, and through metrics it should be known whether they are being upgraded or not.

Metrics will help companies get some cost effective methods to get quality work. With this, they will also have to assess whether the employees are worth the investment or not. Employees will have to stay for a while with the company if they are being invested on. Without using HR metrics, no one in the management of the company will know who is contributing and who is not.

Measuring the quality and also inputs by the employees will help the company take important decisions. Data which is meaningful and also reliable is what is important when it comes to HR metrics. Based on this data, a company must be allowed to improve its strength in all ways. It is important not to waste too much time on and money on metrics.

It is completely unnecessary to have too much information for metrics, and it will be difficult to maintain as well. Only about 8 to 10 metrics are really needed which have to be noted, that may make an impact on business. Calculation of metrics is very time consuming and will cost a lot of money, and thus it is important to keep a check on them.

Some of the important factors that will have to be looked at will be work force productivity, employee engagement, recruiting, retention, and manager satisfaction. There are several others but these are the most important. The key to getting the right metrics is all about getting only what the company wants to know.

Employee data would accumulate, and it is wise not to spend the resources collecting too much information. The information can be collected from employees, managers and share holders. It can be kept as simple as possible. Recruiting and staffing will be a part of metrics. The state of the financial health of the company is what most people would look at when it comes to metrics.

Professionals in the HR department are looking towards building better data. This part of operations is what is getting the most amount of attention by companies. The data presented to the executives should help them make a very good change in the way the company functions. All this data would include a lot of information.

They will be the salaries, turnover, benefits, decisions employees take and also how often they absent themselves from work. By having the right metrics in place, you will know what exactly is going wrong with the business. This will help a great deal with doing the right thing towards setting it right. However it is important to have the right metrics in place for this - as it this way you will be able to measure and control productivity of your business.
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