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Article Directories And SEO

Nov 2, 2007
The goal of the internet marketing business person is to attract as many visitors to their website as possible by using many tools as possible, the use of an article directory is one such tool used by many successful internet marketing experts. More traffic means more money in general. But is it possible to get traffic without spending a lot? the answer is a resounding yes, with free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it is possible. Even though it is free, response and results are quite satisfying.

The latest trend in free SEO seems to be article marketing with the popular use of the article directory website; amateurs and professionals say that it is by far the best free method of promoting web business. It is very helpful in increasing your sales and opt in subscribers, while providing required number of back links for increased PR.
There are many popular article sites where you could submit your articles to, too many to mention here but doing a quick search within the search engines will find you many. There are certain advantages in submitting your articles to article directories and ezine publishers:

o You could prove your expertise in your field by submitting good articles. If your content is useful readers are interested to listen to your ideas, opinions or advice. By interacting with your readers in intelligent and honest ways you could establish yourself as an authority in your field.

o You could add a resource box to your article that would serve as a link to your website. Your readers, if they are convinced about your knowledge would click on this link to visit your website. As a good professional marketer you could give some idea of your product in your article. Through your writing, you could entice your readers to visit your website to see the rest of the information. Once they come visiting your website you could engage them with interesting features, capture their email addresses, offer them freebies and make them come back again to your site and buy your products.

o You increase your search engine page rank through a smart linking campaign. There are reciprocal and non-reciprocal links. A reciprocal link allows two websites to link to each other. There is a mutual advantage of traffic generation for both sites simultaneously. A non-reciprocal link refers to one-way links. A smart strategy is to provide as many in-bound non-reciprocal links as possible. A lot of non-reciprocal inbound links indicates to search engines that your site contains valuable information. Search engines also look for key word connections between reciprocal links to determine if the sites are in fact benefiting each other. Choosing your reciprocal links wisely is an important strategy. Research and connect only to those websites that have similar content like yours. If you have more non-reciprocal links than reciprocal links, search engines would rate your site much higher than others that do not contain that many non-reciprocal links.

o Majority of article directories allow free reprint rights to publishers and webmasters with the condition that they could use your articles along with your resource box. This has a positive effect on your page rank and publicity.

When there is a free opportunity to increase traffic to your website through article directories, why would you opt for paid advertising? certainly you should use this method of traffic generation as an integral part of your internet marketing strategy.
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Stephen C Campbell (MBA, MSc) is a business consultant and internet marketer who runs a successful article directory at

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