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Work At Home Internet Business Ideas Are Promoted By The Minisites

Nov 2, 2007
The minisites use keywords as do your work at home internet business ideas, so you can use them, and they are quite quick and easy to produce. When the prototype minisite has been built up, it is relatively easy to build new versions. All the keywords must be related to the keywords of the website to be able to presell the site and draw highly targeted traffic.

The minisites of your work at home internet business ideas use only onpage SEO factors, so a good idea is to select the low demand keywords, say 1.000 searches per month but to seek the efficiency by the long tail keywords. Thay do not have so much competition so the minisite has possibility to climb high on the search engine result pages.

1. Minisite Targets To An Immediate Action.
The whole look of the page must be planned along this guideline. Call to action is the name of the game here. This means that a page has only a few elements: a visitor must order or sign in after about two seconds from the landing to the site.

2. Minisite Must Be Small One
Only 1 or 2 pages and built with the minimalist content strategy, like the movies of Aki Kaurismaki. There is only one focus: take action. For instance the order form can be in the main role in the design.

3. Minisite Does Not Use Flash Or The Kind Of Elements.
It is 100 % call to action, which means that the only link is the order form link. The picture and copy must be very emotional and persuasive. A visitor must get excited right away. He just WANTS to order now.

4.The Work At Home Internet Business Ideas Minisite Needs No Editorial Or Filler Content.
It is really a short sales ad, which does not explain or paint any pictures but goes straight to the point. The content must be utmost clear, fun, success minded and emotional Only a few convincing facts. The effectiveness of the minisite depends on the emotional effect.

5. Minisite Is Quick And Easy To Produce.
When you will make the first version, it will take some time, because the planning must be done properly but all versions after that will appear very quickly, because only the keywords will be new ones. This means that you can enter new markets ( niches ) quickly and easily by just making a new keyword research related to your work at home internet business ideas.As you see, the minisites are totally a new communication strategy for your work at home internet business ideas. If you concentrate in it properly, you can use it as your way to differentiate on the market.
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