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Prevention And Resolution Methods To Limited eBay And Paypal Accounts

Nov 2, 2007
The answers may surprise you. First, I am not merely regurgitating some hearsay that he found on the internet or circulating the latest rumor. I have personally been doing business online for years and have amassed literally several hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales as a result. It came as a total surprise to me one day when I had learned that both the account that had been responsible for me making a small fortune had been suspended for what appeared to be no valid reason.

That action prompted me to research the subject so that I could learn the truth behind the reports about Ebay and Paypal account suspensions and spare those who have yet to suffer suspensions by arming them with the arsenal of information that they need to keep their accounts safe and out of harms way. Upon investigating Ebay and Paypal from the inside out, I got to learn quite a bit of revelatory information. You see, in the process of getting my limit lifted and my account fully restored, I had the opportunity to work directly with representatives of Ebay and Paypal firsthand and even liaised with the President of Paypal himself, Mr. Rajiv Dutta. I was surprised at what a professional and courteous, down to earth man he is and was more than happy when he decided in my favor to restore my accounts. More on that later.

Ebay and Paypal collectively are a massive business, in fact, there are literally hundreds of millions of account users between them. These span several continents and countries and have resulted in both Ebay and Paypal becoming a household name. Paypal originally began as the payment processor provided for Ebay users and then as a result of its success and convenience, spread to users who did business online in almost every arena of ecommerce. Because Ebay and Paypal are so large and are responsible for so many financial transactions all over the world on a second by second and real time basis, the company must take great precaution and exercise many safety nets in order to protect themselves against liability and fraud. Careful reading of your Paypal terms of service will show you what is acceptable and what is not acceptable practices when choosing Paypal as your payment processor.

Here is some information that contains tips on how you can avoid having your Paypal account suspended:

Contact Paypals Resolution Department by telephone and get the badge number of every representative you speak to always without fail. Also tell the representative that you want them to send you an email covering the points raised on the call. This makes them do their job correctly, and starts off a trail of supportive evidence for your case.

Escalate to a higher department, via email, and make sure you send your case to multiple Paypal departments and not just one, this forces Paypal to take you seriously. You may receive the reply you are looking for, from which if Paypal inevitably try to hide behind their user agreement you have proof to state otherwise.

Chargeback risk. Paypal representatives revealed that any business that appears in their estimation to be a risk for returns, refunds and chargebacks may trigger a redflag and cause paypal at their discretion to limit the account.

So the tip learned from this scenario of actual experience and insider representation from paypal is to avoid investing in any business opportunity online that requires multiple payments such as one payment to the administration and then another one to you because it resembles a multi level marketing compensation plan which is a type of program that is listed as being in violation of paypals acceptable use policy. The reason that Paypal makes this stand is because when a customer issues a chargeback, Paypal then has to pay excessive fees to the credit card companies and loses a lot of money in the process.

Guilty by association. eBay and Paypal have a bayesian filtering security system in place set up to fully investigate each suspended user using the information that was previously provided by the user and recorded in the company database to ensure that no one from the same address or household opens a new account. So do not try!

Another tip to consider in order to prevent your account from being suspended from ebay is to never buy another persons account. If ebay conducts an investigation on you simply because of one incident or some suspicious activity, if you have anything else that is not in perfect order or fully abiding by the terms of service in the user agreement policy contract that you signed, then it grants ebay the license to irrevocably suspend your account. So make sure that you read the terms of service for both Paypal and eBay before attempting to conduct any business while using their services.

The systems are set up not only to protect ebay and paypal, but also to protect their users from fraudulent buyers and sellers who are attempting to exploit the systems for private personal gain against the terms of service and best interests of others in the user community.

By simply choosing to avoid these activities that arouse suspicions with both ebay and paypal, you can avoid having your ebay account suspended and your paypal account limited.
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