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Nov 3, 2007
Starting a home based business is easier than ever before and this article will discuss the reasons why. Personally, I've worked from home for more than half my career and I believe I'm remarkably well suited for it. There's no question some people just can't do it. They get distracted too easily and end up getting nothing done. But for me, I'm perfectly happy sitting in my office working all day and often don't even realize the evening has come until I see that my computer screen is the only source of light in the house.

There are actually a large number of businesses that are perfectly suited for home based business and some of them include medical billing, mobile notary, graphic designer, internet consultant, accountant and bookkeeper. In fact, you could easily learn the appropriate software and start your own home based business within a single month. Bookkeeping is a great example. You could quickly learn Quick Books or some other accounting software and market yourself as a bookkeeper within a single month.

Mobile notary is similarly accessible. Yes, you do need to take an exam but it's easy and will leave you with an opportunity to make a great living doing loan signings at people's homes. I should know; I did that business myself. And after six short months, I was already billing over $1500 per week on a regular basis. You can find some detailed information about that venture on my website. Anyway, it all boils down to making the commitment and going after it.

Cell phones are a big part of the new business reality. Now that cell phones are so common, you can accept calls anywhere and the caller won't know where you are. That means you can do your business and take customer calls from virtually anywhere, allowing innovative entrepreneurs to operate their businesses on the fly.

Of course, the internet plays a major role as well. In fact, your website is now the equivalent of a storefront years ago. No longer do you need a physical mailing address and signs overhead. Instead, you only need a website and your email address to be real in today's online world. You don't even need a real business name because payment including credit card capabilities can easily be setup with PayPal or Google Checkout.

These innovations have changed the landscape for aspiring entrepreneurs. It has become easier and easier to get started and more people are giving it a try. Indeed, it would be a shame to let your dreams fade away when technology has made them so accessible. The only remaining requirement for success is tenacity. There will always be bumps in the road and you need to be prepared for unexpected obstacles along the way.

Tactical Execution has made a business out of helping others start and grow their own businesses. The company provides specific implementation strategies people can use to start seeing results quickly. Please visit the website and take advantage of the information available there. Most motivational programs suggest that enough determination will automatically translate into action. We disagree. We feel that a tactical implementation strategy is the best source of motivation.
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