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How To Make Money From Article Content

Nov 3, 2007
There are millions of websites on the web that are built around content management systems. They all share some common factors. The home page is overloaded with links. There is usually a blog with short, non-descript posts, announcements, news, and press releases in it. There is a banner somewhere on the page, and there are Google ads.

Most Content Management Systems have a simple theme that leads visitors to a list of articles. The level of graphics varies, depending on the company, and the value of the content varies, depending on the webmaster's dedication to success.

The formula itself is fundamentally sound, it is the variations caused by human error, trends, and value that differentiate the sites that earn money, and those that do not.

The first thing to determine is whether a Content Management System needs to attract and keep visitors, or whether the purpose is to drive visitors to the advertiser's website.

Member Building CMS

A member building CMS is designed to attract a particular niche market and keep them for as long as possible. This is done using forums, chats, newsletters, and online courses. The entire site is built around a single theme, and is designed to do one of three things: entertain, educate, solve problems.

The advertising needs to continue to meet the member's needs. For example, advertisers may be trade magazines, online courses, book sales, member forums, and products that meet the needs, or solves the problems, of the members.

These CMS sites usually have live chats and other resources for the members. Two sites created for the writer's niche is www.inspiredauthor.com and www.authorsconnection.com or www.dabblingmum.com

Another form of member site is a blog community. These are divided into two types. The first type hosts individual blogs, like www.blogger.com. The second type is a blog community, such as www.communati.com.

This type of site has 'on the edge' content, equal to what is offered in many online courses or $50 ebooks. There are often live Topic Editors or Guides to talk to visitors and give them someone to talk to.

These sites do not fill their pages with Google code, because the objective is 'not' to send the visitor away, but to keep them, and pre-sell them to increase the sales within their network. Even if someone buys a product, they are usually drawn back into the community, moving up levels, until the member often becomes a moderator, or reaches a certain level of success.

Target Driving CMS

This is by far the most popular. This type of Content Management System includes www.about.com, www.ideamarketers.com, www.getfreecontentonline.com , or www.lifetips.com, www.fool.com

These sites are often link heavy and ad heavy. The content is often 'evergreen,' meaning that it is often outdated, and similar to thousands of other articles. The objective is to attract more visitors than their clients can, and then offer teasers that force the visitor to click an advertiser's ad to increase sales.

Selling Ads

There are several ways to sell ads on a CMS. The most popular is by using an agency like www.adbrite.com, www.commissionjunction.com, or www.clickbank.com. The CMS manager picks 10 - 20 advertisers with similar products and services.

Pay Per Post

This type of advertising involves writing a blog post on the niche topic, and twisting it to include a link from the advertiser. One of the biggest Pay Per Post advertisers is www.blogitive.com.

Pay Per View - Pay Per Click

These are the most popular, and the most frustrating. The main complaint is the sliding scale used to calculate how much the advertiser earns. Most CMS sites will only earn a few pennies per click. To succeed, a CMS must have a PR4 or higher, and receive millions of hits a month.

Advertising Networks

There are several good ones starting with www.fastclick.com. Although, www.tribalfusion.com is the most popular, and has high standards for publishers. Small businesses can try either www.adbrite.com or www.burstmedia.com

Any, or a combination of these, can turn an unprofitable Content Management System into a viable, and profitable business venture.
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