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Getting Started: Make Money Online

Nov 3, 2007
There are people who generate vast amounts of wealth online, and there are those who don't. Surprisingly, there are similarities in the way both groups manage their business. Following a few rules can dramatically increase a business's ability to generate wealth on the Internet.

The first mistake most work at home business owners make is by spending all their time surfing the web. They are so afraid of spending money on a product, or training system, that they spend weeks surfing from website to website trying to learn how to run a viable internet business. It is very easy to spend all your time learning how to earn money, participating in forums, signing up for newsletters, and answering emails - but never getting down to the business of earning money.

The second mistake new work at home business owners make is by believing they must own a website, have a product to sell, and spend all their spare time Internet Marketing. There are opportunities for everyone, even if they are not a web designer or marketing genius. But, it takes time to learn how to find the 'real' opportunities.

It can take a few weeks to sift through the infomercials and info-products to find a website with 'real' information for sale. However, there are some ways to test a site's quality. First, they will not hesitate to offer free information and articles. Their objective is not only to sell a product, but to teach people how to make the most of their opportunity.

These sites will often sell secondary products that will make it easier to start an internet business. Avoiding the websites that have only one product for sale, or try to force everyone into a single business, is one way to avoid becoming a victim of a scam.

Should you pay for content? Yes. There is a lot of information on the Internet. It is either on the guru sites - or it is evergreen. The evergreen content, like 99% of the SEO and Internet Marketing information on the net, is years out of date.

For example - did you know that there are no Meta Search Engines left? But, there are hundreds of websites selling products to help you optimize the keywords on your website. The only purpose keywords have today is to control the Google ads that appear on a page - they do not help with ranking - because the Meta search engines have gone the way of the dodo bird.

Good content costs money. Mainly, because it is continually updated, which leads us to another way to separate the real opportunities from the scams. A 'real' website will update content monthly. They will post new articles, and their products will be updated. Beware of any website that has no new content, and does not suggest that the info products are updated regularly

Almost all Internet businesses start with information. There are very few packages you can buy to start a 'real' business. Those flashy websites that promise to help people make hundreds of thousands of dollars while they lounge on the beach - scams. It just isn't possible to put up a website and ignore it. First, people will not keep returning. Second, the search engines will drop the site after six months of no changes.

The tips above will help new Internet users find a good internet opportunity for them. No one promises that work at home is easy. No legit businesses promise you can 'get rich over night' - think about it, if there was a fool proof method of generating millions of dollars than the banks and corporations would have monopolized the method. Just take time to find the right opportunity for you, and put the effort into growing the business, and you will have a good Internet business.
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Mark Walters is a third generation entrepreneur and author. He offers free training and investing videos designed to speed you towards financial independence http://www.cashflowinstitute.com/videosignup.htm
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