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How To Survive After Mighty Google Rapes Your Pagerank

Nov 3, 2007
Can you feel the raging fever? White hot!

Millions of webmasters are either clicking their heels or kicking their LCDs. Google's Pagerank Update is sweeping the globe and reportedly, more people lost vaunted pagerank than gained. That's where all the heat's blowin' from. The conflagration's a blaze to rival the passion of a SuperBowl game.

I personally lost ranking at two sites (dropped to PR3, PR0), gained at two (accelerated to PR5), and the rest stayed lazy. That's not so bad considering how powerhouses like Forbes.com and Washingtonpost.com shed their groove by plummeting to PR4 from PR 8!

For those who lost, who gives a hoot! Right? It isn't the end of the world. PR drop doesn't necessarily mean SERP drop. I know. I've experienced PR drop before and my SERP stayed the same or actually increased. SERPs vastly more important. People visit you based on your location on the search engines- not because of all the green pixie dust in the toolbar.

Now for those who dropped, here are some tactics to maintain and increase the traffic you still deserve:

1. Roll out the Classified ads- Continue posting classifieds on and offline. Adsense, Overture and yeah- bumper stickers will drive paying customers to your site. Just make sure you got great stuff to keep your site sticky.

2. RSS submission -While content's king, RSS is queen in a world of info overload. Folks fire up their feedburners, snarfers and aggregators daily. Make sure you're ahead on the RSS train.

3. Article submission- I snagged literally hundreds of backlinks to my NLP , SEO Consulting and Executive Coaching sites by submitting regularly to EzineArticles and Isnare. These backlinks continue to multiply when folks copy the articles to their blogs and webs. Think of it as a safetynet of votes to your site even though primary link partners go belly up.

4. Press release submission- Submitting pr to syndicated newswebs can bring reporters writing you up in the dailies, not just online. This brings new blood pumping into the tired electrons of your web.

5. Forums signatures- Sure, they don't get you PR juice. But who cares? If people like what you post, they'll follow your sig and spend time (and moolah) for your services.

6. Blog Submission- Look at ConnectedInternet's wide readership and massive revenues. Need I say more?

7. Directory submission- We all know directories have lost PR clout. Fact is, paid directories have either dropped in ranking or been deindexed.Nonetheless, there's still marginal utility to getting your links on the directories: you ensnare the occasional visitor.

8. Ebook submission- I kid you not. Submitting free ebooks to a few software repository sites got me multiple backlinks when grinning freeloaders started posting them on their webs. You'll boost ranking faster than you can say "pagerank" a million times.

9. Pad file submission- Quickly bring the limelight to your blog by releasing killer apps to download.com. Adobe.com got its PR9 by releasing free software- the adobe acrobat reader. With hundreds of millions of copies floating the web, it's no surprise that their PR soars. Deservedly.

10. Video upload- A few of mine still lurk Youtube and lassoo a few strays into the ole corral.

11. Social bookmarking-Digg. Technorati. Newsvine. Need I say more ?

Rally on!
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