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Teachers Needed for Worldwide Expansion

Nov 3, 2007
"How many teachers do you think, if offered the the same opportunity to use their teaching gift,and yet had the potential of making two or three times what they do now, would leave their jobs?

Better yet, what if you or I broke into a staff meeting, and said, "Ok, anyone in here want to make two to three times what you are making, with a credible international company that will allow you to teach with some of the greatest teachers in the nation, and you can set your own hours, as long as you work twenty to thirty hours a week?"

How many teachers do you think would leave that staff meeting and go with you? I'd venture to say about 90% would, and the other ten would stay out of just plain fear or loyalty to their current boss or district.

Well, we offer just such an opportunity for all teachers! You have the opportunity to teach, instruct, lead, in front of small and large groups, and you will also have the opportunity to travel, the world if you choose, or we can use you in your city to teach as well! If there is one thing that teachers are most loyal too, it is their students!

Well, Success University, an international wealth building school, is looking for the best teachers in the world to come together, under one umbrella, to teach a select number of students, whom you would work with personally, one on one, to change lives one at a time.

You see, teaching is not what is used to be. I've been a teacher and an assistant principal now in the public school system and teaching has went from students who sometimes rebel, to your class feeling like the special ed class down the hall.

Why is this? Lack of parenting. Lack of moral direction. Lack of anyone or anybody taking any interest in their lives at all. Fathers are leaving their kids as fast as they'd leave a woman they didn't want. Kids are becoming their parents: lazy, out of shape, five year olds are addicted to Playstation, Nintendo DS, and the T.V. Five year olds!

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Matt Morris, president of Success University, who stated just one part of his massive vision: "I see a world where our kids can grow up with no crime." Yes, I'm a teacher. Yes, I'm one of Matt's students. I believe in his world. I believe it is possible.

You see, I've taught now almost twenty years, and I am amazed at what's going on with our students. More importantly though, it's time that we paid teachers what they should be paid, and give them opportunities to utilize their gifts at the highest possible level. Wouldn't it be every teachers' dream to be able to teach and to be to have the potential through excellent instruction, to earn what a CEO earns? Or beyond?

Unfortunately though, there aren't too many opportunities for teachers out there like this one, unless you are willing to relocate to another country and teach their for a year or two! In today's terrorist society, that may not suit many teachers. Unless you're looking for some adventure! (hehe).

Again, I was born to teach. If you were born to teach, why not take the opportunity to look at Success University. They care about their teachers, and they truly give all teachers the opportunity to work one on one with students online all over the world!

Teachers are givers. Teachers are public servants. It's time to give back to them. It's time they earned what they are worth. Success University gives all teachers a leveled playing field and does not limit their income based on work experience, years employed, or education.

They just ask for one thing: Are you willing to go to work and teach? Absolutely! Become a part of what Forbes Magazine is calling "Webucation." Online education is exploding worldwide! Teachers, you can become a part of it now, or weep later when there is a surplus of online schools not needing your services.

Teachers, I implore you, as a twenty year veteran educator and author-use your teaching gift to bless others all across the world and make a great full or part time income online from the comfort of your own home.
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