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For Revenue Sharing Program This Works Like Crazy

Nov 3, 2007
Making money through revenue sharing program is an open secret. But choosing a best revenue sharing program is a big secret. Different sectors have come up with different revenue sharing programs. Nowadays web community sites out played all other sectors in providing best revenue sharing program. Gibline is eyeing to set up the biggest global revenue sharing program in the history of online business.

Imagine a situation where you can have opportunity to revenue share with the owners of MySpace and Youtube. You just can't even dream about it.r

This revenue sharing program is trying to bring all the internet users under one roof with a primary focus on a business social networking community, designed for small, medium and even home business entrepreneurs around the world to promote, advertise and expand their core business to compete in the global marketplace!

GibLink site is a social networking site. It allows you to network with other business-minded people as well as you can create blogs, classified ads, clubs, events and much more.

GibLink's community environment is designed to increase your business exposure, advertising, sales, and efficiency all while building your own global business relationship network.

You can
* Promote yourself, your company and your services to a global audience with your own fully customizable profile with easy to use editors for the basic and advanced users.
* Create your own personal network of business contacts and expose your business to potential customers and connections of those in your network.
* Operate in a mobile environment and keep in touch with business contacts online from anywhere in the world.
* Network with business contacts and colleagues to help grow your core business
* Connect with people you already know within the community.
* Buy and sell products and services, get advice and recommendations from others in the community.
* Get credible introductions to decision makers through your new contacts.
* Publicize, broadcast and find forthcoming Business and Social Events.
* Create online classified ads about your business, products or services which can be advertised to the community, broadcasted to your network or promoted offline.

This revenue sharing program is a first of its kind innovation that connects entrepreneurs from all over the world by providing a revenue sharing plan that gives anyone the opportunity to truly share in the exhilarating experience of building an internet phenomenon and reaping the benefits.

A web2.0 community from Gibline has opened a doorway to people all over the world. This is a world's first to offer its subscribers the opportunity to revenue share in the massively growing IT market.This global revenue share program is a unique goose that lays golden eggs all the time.

The subscribers of giblink have the ability to generate a fortune from the massive migration of internet users, anxiously wanting to connect with others that have similar business interests.
About the Author
Ranju assistant to Sylvia a leading internet marketer announces the pre launch of a new revenue sharing program called Gibline.com. Sign up here and become a member now and make as much money as you can. For more information just click here
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