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Financing Your Heavy Equipment Training Program

Nov 3, 2007
Having decided to pursue a career as a heavy equipment operator, you need to equip yourself with the best education and training, preferably with credentials that are globally recognized. This can expand your scope for employment to an unimaginable extent. The best way to do this would be to get an NCCER certification for heavy equipment operation.

The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) is a 'not for profit' education foundation that has been in existence for more than a decade. Founded by some of the world's biggest and topmost construction companies together with many national construction associations, they have been responsible for developing standardized curriculum for heavy equipment education and training, being taught by nearly 500 accredited NCCER sponsors throughout the US.

Training and Financial Assistance

ATS or Associated Training Services is one of the best institutions for your heavy equipment education and training. It is a network of heavy equipment operator schools and a national leader in providing post secondary school level heavy equipment training and is duly accredited by the NCCER. Realizing that financial difficulty may hinder the training of a prospective student, ATS offers number of options that can help finance tuition and ease the burden encountered for enrolling in any program. The application requesting finance can be sent either by mail, fax or can be submitted online. A copy of the applicant's driving license needs to be submitted along with the application. It takes the ATS just 48hours to decide upon the approval of the application.

Students who qualify for State/Federal grants can take advantage of these, to cover the cost of their training. Those who are receiving unemployment benefits may be able to continue receiving them, even while undergoing training. Such benefits may be under the Workforce Investment Act, the Trade Adjustment Act, Tribal Education (Bureau of Indian Affairs) etc.

The financing options discussed above are meant to cover the cost of tuition for your heavy equipment training. But, there are other essential expenses like living expenses and costs of books and stationery etc, which need to be met in course of the training period. As student you have the option to go for career loans available through many lenders with whom the school has a relationship. Any trainee can approach the school to recommend a lender and then submit a financing application as per the norms of the specific lender. It may be required to first make a down deposit before attending classes. The balance of the tuition cost can be financed. The amount of the down payment may vary for different students and is determined after the application requesting credit is evaluated.

It is also possible to obtain career loans from national banks and as prospective heavy equipment trainee, you can contact your local bank, to get the necessary details pertaining to such a loan.

Post Training Certification

Heavy equipment education, training assessments and certifications are part of the NCACP (National Craft Assessment and Certification Program). Following successful completion of the program conducted by an organization that is accredited by the NCCER, the details of the incumbent are entered in the NCCER National Registry. This is a database maintained by the NCCER, which contains the records of training, assessment and performance results of all persons who have successfully completed the program from any NCCER accredited institution. Thereafter the National Registry provides certificates of completion, transcripts and wallet cards that prove extremely valuable, while searching for employment in the construction industry or with any other suitable employers.
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