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How To Become A Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Nov 3, 2007
As a heavy equipment mechanic, you must have a thorough understanding of the characteristics of this profession.

Definition: In this profession, you have to maintain, repair, and overhaul automotives, construction equipment, and other heavy equipment and perform duties related to the equipment.

The job profile of a heavy equipment mechanic carries lot of responsibility from the primary level of handling diesel equipment to gasoline-powered engines. In this line the seniors are the ones who delegate assignments and the mechanics complete it. Heavy equipment mechanic professionals are distinguished from automotive equipment mechanics by the size and complexity of the equipment being maintained or repaired. As a heavy equipment mechanic, you have to follow prescribed safety measures and use safety equipment to protect yourself from hazards. You have to wear comfortable clothes and may have to work for long periods. You must be familiar with all the safety precautions.

Work Profile

. As a mechanic you are supposed to maintain, repair, and overhaul light as well as heavy equipment, as well as vehicles like fire engines, fire trucks, pump systems large trailers, aerial work platforms, gang movers, dump trucks, back hoes, asphalt trucks, rollers, trailers, street sweepers, off road, air compressors and motorcycles.

. You have to perform all preventive maintenance services and tune up all internal combustion engines.

. Repair all major engine components such as pistons, valves, cranks and camshafts.

. Respond to all emergency requests and services.

. You may also have to test drive vehicles.

. Clean work areas as well as shop facilities.


. Operate and repair equipment using appropriate repair tools.
. Overhaul automotive, construction as well as mechanical equipment.
. Repair and replace major as well as minor engine components.
. Work safely in an automotive safety shop, with the equipment.
. Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with individuals who differ in cultural and socio economic backgrounds.
. Use sound judgment and select best work methods.
. Must possess good physical and mental capacity to work in strenuous work environment and have determination to complete the assigned tasks.


. Graduation from technical school with appropriate experience necessary to perform satisfactory job.

. Training in honing skills and abilities.

. Two years ground level experience in repair, maintenance, and overhaul of heavy equipment.

Certifications and Licenses

. Must posses a valid drivers license as determined by the city authorities.

. Successful completion of probation period.

In short, these are the qualities that an employer looks for in a heavy equipment mechanic, or a probable newcomer. This job profile deals mainly with the repair of machines or systems. A heavy equipment mechanic is expected to do extremely well in detecting the problems and understand technical glitches. He or she should think of various ways to get to the bottom of the problems and handle them as soon as possible. Thus, a person who is willing to try out different methods and hit upon solutions during problems does fine in this profession.

Heavy equipment mechanics should be ready to, maneuver and repair machines and find the correct solution. They should be experts in scrutinizing various gauges, dials, as well as the authentic output. They are responsible for the maintenance and safety of the heavy equipment machines.
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