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Supply Chain Scorecard Is Good To Track Metrics

Nov 4, 2007
Keeping a supply chain scorecard is very important. This will include four divisions, and these will be the financial, customer, internal business and training. The first part will include all the details about the cost of production. This will include the cost of storage, transport and complete manufacture.

The customer part will talk about the delivery, fill rate for order and backorder levels. The internal business will deal with forecast error and also whether things are going as planned. Normally the scorecard is not planned for any supply chain, but it will be an eye opener for many measures. If you are not comfortable with numbers, then it is good to sue this.

It is not necessary to look at too many figures as well. You will have objectives, and thus this will be aligned with the measures. There should be targets for measures, and these would be good to keep tracking every month or so. For most organizations, this card is becoming very useful and they are using it to get some foothold over their competition.

The service post sales should be excelled in, for better margins and also good customer service. The inventory position as well as service levels can be balanced with the help of the scorecard. The greatest services at the lowest cost can be provided with this. Almost all aspects will be covered by the scorecard.

A lot of questions can be answered to many key questions with the help of the scorecard. It can be related to financial as well as operational aspects. A lot of opportunities can be unlocked, and the company can be improved a great deal y looking at the card. Your performance can be assessed very quickly.

The investment will not be much for the scorecard either, in terms of money as well as time. It is not required to use too much data on this card. Efficiency and effectiveness can be improved with the help of scorecards. This is a very important point to note, that the information on the cards should be kept to minimum.

The adaptability of the supply chain can be improved, and you could also get metrics which are predefined for the scorecards. Besides providing simple views of the company's objectives, there will be a lot of options for analysis. The best way to use these scorecards is to give it out to all the people in the organization.

When this happens, they will all get a chance to look at what they are contributing to the company. Performance can also be measured with the help of these cards. A lot of activities with relation to performance can be managed with the help of the cards. This will be a very important way to improve the rankings of the company.

The visibility of such supply chains is important as well, as only then will they become effective in what they offer to the customers. That is why supply chain scorecard can be beneficial for all partners business.
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