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Taking The Energy Efficiency Course

Nov 4, 2007
While there are a number of fine energy courses and certified or degreed programs in the various universities and colleges for those who want to make energy efficiency their career in some form or other, there are also free energy courses for those who simply want to make some energy-efficient improvements in their own homes. Here are some ideas on where to find these credit or non-credit energy courses.

The University of Oregon, for example, offers online energy courses as part of its degreed program for graduates as well as undergraduates. Its commitment to a healthy and energy efficient environment is spelled out on its Web site. Pointing out that the way in which we are exponential using a finite amount of fossil fuel and other non-renewable resources is dooming our successors, the University offers energy courses for those who want to stop this harmful tide.

Included in these energy courses are a basic physics course that teaches the ins and outs of how energy and the environment work in concert with each other. The next course teaches students about renewable energy resources and the other green energy resources that can be put into place. An environment studies course follows these prerequisites, teaching quantitative methods of improving the environment. The study of our population growth and its impact on finite resources is the topic of another of the energy courses. One course is dedicated to the study of the depletion of our ozone. One of the basic energy courses offered on the Web or in Oregon classrooms is a brief look at the basics of fossil fuel - how it works, how much we have of it, and how it harms the environment. The University also teaches a laboratory class on solar radiation and its use as a renewable energy.

The University actually offers a complete program of environmental studies. Building on a tradition several decades long of research and activism in the area of energy efficiency and environment improvements, the Oregon campuses have packaged their energy courses into a complete environmental program. Its mission is to train energy-efficiency leaders who can creatively solve program, think critically, and, after empowering and instructional energy courses, become responsible and productive citizens.

The University of Oregon energy courses and environmental program are actually interdisciplinary, promoting dialogue that crosses borders and promotes collaboration. More than 100 faculty members participate in these energy courses and activities. They are scattered over thirty campuses and dozens of departments. This degree program enables students to not only take energy courses from scholars of world class renown but also work and learn along side noted researchers. They can develop concrete energy efficiency skills and analytic capabilities as well as gain valuable and relevant hands on skills. These energy courses and this program can then lead to government careers, or work in various non-profit organizations, teaching institutions or private industries.

Energy courses can help one homeowner save her or his own money and energy. They can help a green-energy enthusiast start a satisfying and lucrative career in energy efficiency and assessment. They can also help save the environment for us all.
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