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LPN Jobs - The First Step to Becoming a RN

Nov 5, 2007
LPN jobs are jobs that require lots of responsibility as it is the LPNs are those who are in direct contact with the patients. LPN is the acronym for licensed practical nurses that are also known as licensed vocational nurses. It is the job of LPNs to cater to the daily needs of patients and communicate their development to their superiors who may be registered nurses or doctors.

LPN jobs entail lots of duties including the taking of vital signs of the patient wherein the doctor can make their diagnosis. The LPN is in charge of preparing the patient for any preliminary diagnostic test the patients have to undergo. They are in charge of collecting samples, sending the samples to the respective labs and getting the reports for the scrutiny of doctors.

It is the LPN who is in charge of performing first aid tasks like cleansing of wounds and application of dressings in patients suffering from minor wounds and injuries. They also have to help the doctor in providing sutures to patients. Most of the time, it is the LPN's job to administer injections to patients too.

The LPN has to maintain a watchful eye on patients suffering from serious conditions. It is their responsibility to keep a watch on patients receiving blood and glucose or saline drips. Patients on catheters and oxygen supplies too have to be monitored by the LPN.

The LPN is responsible to checking that food and water supplies are supplied to patients admitted to healthcare facilities. They have to maintain the patient's hygiene and instruct the helping staff of the healthcare to accompany the patient to the toilet and change clothes.

If required, LPNs can also provide therapeutic massages to patients who need assistance with a stiff or weakened muscle. It is the duty of the LPN to prepare patients for surgery. They have to get them in the right attire and take charge of their food and water restrictions prior to the surgery. Then they have to monitor the patient during the recuperation stage and keep a watch on the patient till discharge.

So it can be seen that LPN jobs include complete care and monitoring of the patient. They have to care for the patients, while coordinating with superiors on the next plan of action or chore. Though these LPN jobs are rather tedious with lots of responsibilities, they provide the right and important training grounds for these licensed practical nurses who intend to become future registered nurses.
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Authored By: Kip Goldhammer
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