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Using Podcasts To Promote Your Website

Nov 5, 2007
Today, podcasts are considered as one of the more efficient marketing tools for the promotion of websites and with the help of an established PR expert, you can use a podcast to increase your business profile and attract more visitors to your website. Online browsers are interested in listening to podcasts because they can learn everything there is to know about your website without ever having to lift a finger or read a single word. Podcasts are easy and convenient, two things that internet users look for when surfing the web.

If you are unfamilar with what a podcast is, let me clarify: a podcast is actually the content that is used for podcasting, and podcasting is the modern means of distribution of multimedia files that include audio programs and music videos via the internet using RSS or Atom syndication format. Once the podcast is done, it is possible to listen to these multimedia files on mobile devices and personal computers.

Podcasts are interesting marketing tools that will generate even more traffic to your website with people getting more and more interested in listening to these informative internet messages. You can include all of the information pertaining to your company in a podcast. Just make it as interesting and informative as possible, for this attracts more people eager to listen!

Having an interesting and informative podcast, alone, does not promise an increase in traffic to your website. You will have to first list it with online directories, and with this listing, people who are interested in buying something from your company may be able to find the product details with ease.

Make sure that there are positive press releases and informative articles about your podcast on the internet. Once these press releases and articles are done with, distribute them in the directory for the sake of reference. This is important because through the reading of these press releases potential customers may develop an interest in visiting your website.

When creating a podcast, create one that is relevant to the people who may be interested in visiting your website. Creating ones with irrelevant matter will only irritate the customer and not get him/her interested in visiting your website! Podcasting from your website requires some marketing effort as well in order to gain popularity.

To establish a new podcast on your website, you are going to want to create an email list. An email list allows you to send important information and articles to subscribers. People subscribe to email lists to learn more about new businesses, websites and podcasts. With this email list, customers not only get to listen to the podcast, but also gain some information on the businesses or services that you provide. Always remember to mention directions and details on the subscribing and unsubscribing of an email to potential subscribers.

There are also some people who search for podcasts using search engines. This is why you have to make yours search engine friendly. Try to include relevant keywords so that people will be directed to the podcast upon typing these relevant keywords.

Another means of using the podcast to promote your website would be to get some commercial sponsors. Though people are generally not interested in buying a podcast, there are many people who are interested in maintaining a podcast. Once you have a single major sponsor, or two, the popularity of your website will increase. People will be of the impression that if these sponsors trust you and your website, then it will be alright for them to buy the products and services from your website as well.
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