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That Dream Job - Are You Ready To Act?

Nov 5, 2007
Before you go about choosing a different career, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself, taking care to answer them as honestly as you can.

First, you need to ask yourself whether you are happy with your current job or not. If you are unhappy, this does not mean you have to do a job change right away. Ask first the reasons why you are not satisfied with your job right now?

Is it because of some other people around you that you do not get along with? If so, the job may just be right for you but it is just the environment that is not.

Go For Fulfilment in Your Dream Job Quest

And then, if you feel dissatisfied because you do not feel fulfilled in your current job, then it really is time to start that job search. It's vital to assess your career at the start. And then you might find that you are comfortable with your current job, but it is just not paying you enough.

If pay is the issue, maybe it's time to get radical! You might want to start thinking about venturing away from your comfort zone and take some challenges. Of course, you have to make sure you are going to be prepared to succeed with those challenges.

Because a career change is definitely the right thing to do if you are feeling stuck or even bogged down by your current situation.

The next step is for you to equip yourself to land your dream job.

Your Dream Job Preparations

The first thing you should do is your own, personal job assessment.

- Take a look at different job openings and see if your qualities fit them.
- Make inquiries and see if you would like to do that job.
- You should not only take a job because it has a high pay because eventually you would not be fulfilled by it.
- You should take a job that you can enjoy, a job that can make you grow as a person.

And once you determine the position you want to apply for, it is time to brush up on your skills.

Landing a dream job may take more effort from you than apparent at the start. Remember that the job you are after may also be the dream job of others, which means competition!

So in order to triumph over the competition, the first thing you should do is improve your resume writing skills. As it is your resume that is the first thing to introduce you to your future employers, you had better make an excellent first impression.

Of course it would help if what you can put into your resume weighty evidence showing off your capabilities. But if that is not the case, make sure to write your resume in as focused a way as can be.

Once your resume passes, it is time to hone your interview skills. The interview could make or break it so make sure you do well. There a lot of ways you can improve your interview techniques so make sure to use them.

Once you are accepted for the job, you should harness your networking skills. This way, you would stay in that job - or even better, you can start preparing for your next dream job!
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