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The Importance Of Certification And Accreditation From A Heavy Equipment Training School

Nov 5, 2007
Heavy equipment training involves imparting of specialized training to heavy equipments operators with the use of heavy machinery equipments like bulldozers, forklifts, cranes in industries like construction, mining, and logging. Due to the nature of work and the high degree of risk involved, it becomes essential that all equipment operators receive some kind of specialized training from certified and accredited heavy equipment training schools. All equipment operators are required to first pass, written as well as practical series of tests, in order to qualify for the work and safely operate heavy machines.

A trainee has various options in heavy equipment training schools and institutes to choose from. Only after he is certified by a major organization like the NCCER (National Centre for Construction Education and Research), he can start working as a equipment operator. Although, different companies require certification from different organizations, the NCCER is one of the most well-known and reputed centers for heavy equipment certification.

Depending on the needs and requirements of the job, you have the alternative to select from three major training courses that are conducted for heavy equipment operators. Level I deal with the basics of equipment operations and is a foundation course. Under this, the trainee is taught essential safety measures to be taken while at work, the rules and regulations that need to be observed at the site and other similar vital information is also imparted. After one completes this course, the trainee can then operate simple heavy machinery like dump trucks, loaders and backhoes.

The second heavy equipment-training program also known as the equipment operation level II can be taken up, after you complete the primary course. Only the trainees of level I are eligible for the level II training program. This program is inclusive of the refresher of the level I courses, civil blue print reading and earth moving training. This course enables the trainees to safely operate heavy equipments and machines at construction sites like bulldozers, forklifts and rollers.

The third heavy equipment training program is a more advanced and comprehensive course. It can be applied only after the trainee has cleared the level I and II operations. It deals with imparting training in commercial concepts like advanced safety precautions, leadership training in the industrial world, project planning, and skills that will enable one to successfully complete and pursue his career in this field. Certified people of the level III courses are eligible to operate complex equipments and machinery like excavators. These courses not only instill operating skills, but also leadership and management skills in the trainees.

However, before you choose to enroll in any of the above programs, it is essential that you make sure that the prospective school is not only competent but also has a reputation in this field and confirm the fact that it is accredited by establishments like the NCCER which is an essential criterion, since all major companies recognize courses certified by the NCCER.

The NCCER is a non-commercial and non-profit organization that was formed by the collaboration of 11 of the largest construction companies in the worlds. It aims to provide the compulsory education and training all equipment operators, keeping their safety in mind. It also helps to address severe shortage of qualified personnel in the equipment industry. The NCCER has made it easier for people to receive training and certification by successfully managing to unify the training heavy equipment program.

In short, being certified and accredited by a heavy equipment training school not only ensures your safety but also enables you to take advantage of various job opportunities in this field.
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