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The Job Prospects Of Heavy Equipment Mechanics

Nov 5, 2007
Mobile heavy equipment work is indispensable and currently due to modernization, job prospects for heavy equipment service technicians and mechanics are increasing tremendously. Those workers who are formally trained are in high demand and those who have not gone through any formal training are not able to get into this job market. Highly experienced and expert mechanics are always in high demand and they are the ones who advance to higher positions as lead operators or even progress ahead to work as supervisors. Skilled mechanics, with formal training from accomplished training institutes learn to operate the machines used in construction sites and mechanics are paid slightly less than equipment operators.


Employment of heavy equipment mechanics and technicians is expected to steadily increase by 2014. Most of the job openings are due to the job void created by retiring skilled workers. Employers face difficulty in finding skilled mechanics because young trained mechanics and technicians opt to take up jobs as automotive service technicians or industrial machinery repairers or diesel service technicians. Young people opt for such job openings as these profiles offer a wide array of location choices.

'Mobile heavy equipment mechanic' employment growth is expected to increase faster than any other mechanics or repairers because of the growth in construction projects, which directly depends on economic growth. When economy increases there is steady requirement for mobile equipment mechanics to upgrade the construction sites, lay water, sewer lines and excavate basements. Increased use of more complicated mobile equipment, repairs tends to increase the job prospects for heavy equipment mechanics and railcar repairers because of replacement requirements.

Construction and Mining job prospects are susceptible to changes in the economic activity therefore mobile heavy equipment mechanic job prospects suffer slag time during economic downturns. Winter and monsoon season is considered as a slag time for farming and construction activity and during these periods, such equipment is used less thus reducing job openings for the technicians. Employers are hesitant to hire inexperienced workers. They always try and hold on to experienced and trained technicians and mechanics during such downturns.

Work like:

Heavy equipment mechanics mend machines or systems. A equipment mechanic is expected to do extremely well in detecting the reasons and understanding the technical glitches. They are expected to think of various solutions to handle the problems as and when they occur. They should be expert enough to scrutinize various gauges, dials, as well as the authentic output. Heavy equipment mechanics are responsible for the preservation and well being of the equipment machines.


Heavy equipment mechanics are expected to have good analytical sense as this skill helps them while testing the equipment as well as detecting the root cause of a problem. Analytical skills come in handy when a equipment mechanic is asked for the 'costing' of a particular piece or to prepare a proposal to buy machine spares. Therefore, if you think you have mathematical skills, then go ahead and pursue this career as you would surely earn around $25,000-$38,000 annually!
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