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Mastering the Craft a Must to Breaking into Show Business

Nov 5, 2007
Breaking into show business or professional modeling seems insurmountable to most people. Often, people are so desperate to be discovered that they fall for get rich quick schemes, or pay unscrupulous agents who offer quick and easy ways to get to the top. They are uneducated in what one really needs to make it to the top of the acting or modeling game.

Sue Porter Henderson, author of Secrets of Successful Actors and, Sue Porter Henderson, The Working Actor's Friend says, "If you're going to go very far with this, it is very important to master the craft. The training is essential for the major, to have major success in film, television and theater and to get one of the top agents to be interested in you to submit you for work. They're not going to try anybody out."

At the age of 23, Henderson went to New York City seeking fame and fortune in the acting and modeling field. She wasn't sure what to expect and didn't know much about the business. She met with failure at most of the modeling agencies she visited, being told she had none of the qualities of a successful model.

She was just about to give up when Wilhelmina Cooper, the owner of one of the top agencies took the time to discuss different options available in the modeling and entertainment field. Henderson became motivated and focused on her career, finding new doors opening in acting, commercial print, and fashion.

The key to finding success is persistence and the training required to become a master at your craft. With the proper training, you can become successful in any career. Training and acting classes are also a plus in your resume, giving you a professional edge.
Agencies want to see that you have developed your talent and have an intimate understanding of what is involved to be a successful performer. Accepting small roles will also get your foot in the door. You must be seen in order to be accepted by reputable agencies.

Attending a university or college that offers acting and performing classes is a must. It doesn't have to be the best performing arts school or an Ivy League university. Choose an acting school that you feel comfortable with and give it your all. Follow through with the classes to become a professional in the performing arts career you have chosen.

Becoming educated in the physical acting is not the only area you must be proficient in. Also, be aware of the agents and agencies you deal with. Legitimate agencies will not charge to represent you. They make their profit when you land a paying job. Be proactive, becoming knowledgeable of the many scams out there just waiting to empty your bank account.

There are many expenses you need to be aware of to jumpstart your career: Print a resume and cover letter to mail to appropriate agencies, purchase casting guides and manager directories, deal with a consulting service that can put you in touch with the appropriate people in the industry you are interested in.

The next issue is rejection. This is a fact of life in the performing arts. All actors, actresses, and models have faced rejection. It is the persistence that sets the successful performers apart from those that fail. Do not give up; move on to the next interview, or audition. Eventually, the right role will come along. Every role is not meant for everyone. Don't take rejection personally, but remember this is a business. Each day is a new start toward success.

Take a proactive stand, avoiding the pitfalls of pursuing a career in the arts and entertainment business. Be confident in your abilities, and accept criticism, making adjustments to change the things you are doing wrong. Go out each day and meet new people. Be aware of who they are and if they actually have access to jobs. Visit the appropriate agencies that deal with your expertise.

Remember, the entertainment field is open to all types of people. Success is out there for those who know the business, have confidence, persistence, and talent.
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Dr. Proactive, Randy Gilbert enjoyed learning from Sue Porter Henderson, acting consultant and author of "Secrets of Successful Actors" on "Inside Success Radio". Find out powerful tips for pursuing a career in entertainment: http://www.hendersonenterprises.com
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