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How Work At Home Based Business Opportunities Use Email Marketing

Nov 5, 2007
When the marketing of your work at home based business opportunities needs a quick and targeted contacts, which additionally can be personalized, the email is the tool for this bypassing the intermediaries. And it is interactive. If you have segmented your address book, you can personalize communication for each separate segment, plus discuss with the prospects or customers in real time. This has a tremendous effect on the campaign results.

One of the challengies the work at home based business opportunities marketer has is how to segment the email address book? Now if you think the whole process with the eyes of the customer, the answer is: according to the customer behaviour. Are they newbies, once bought customers, repeated customers or customers you know by name, or just passive names on the list, just to name a few alternatives. Now it is easier to plan, how to communicate with them, because you can offer, what they possible need.

One thing is sure: the more personalized communication you have and the more of your customers you know by name, the more profitable is your communication. I understand that in the email marketing, the quality beats the quantity, i.e. send seldomly, but more qualitatively and personally!

Finding out who your target audience, the segment, is, make an initial small subscriber list, determining when and how often you wish to send emails, identifying your major promotional goals, sending a few test emails and analyzing the results for future adoption or modification are usually considered to be important. But what is cardinal for the success of your work at home based business opportunities is the design of the email itself. The content matters.

What to include in your campaign? The subject and the very first line of your email will make or break your customer- relationship. Make them short, simple and seductive. People are tempted to open emails only when the subject line holds enough punch. It must include a clear promise, a benefit, to the reader. Emails, like skirts, should be long enough to cover the essentials and short enough to be interesting.

The nature of email is that it is short and easy to read. It comes through the internet, it is very actual and shouts your attention right now. While a brief introduction to you and your work at home based business opportunities will be welcome, what actually rivets the attention of readers is your focus on customer benefits. A small incentive or discount to the first few customers may be offered, for instance. Or, offer useful information that interests the reader.

You see, the clearness is important, as in all communications. If you have several points to tell, instead of running them in a single paragraph, present them one by one highlighting them with bullets. Graphics and photos will definitely embellish your campaign and attract the customer attention. Incorporating links to your work at home based business opportunities pages is like providing a life line for your home business.

The core job of the email is not to sell, but to presell. That means that the selling happens after the reader has clicked the hyperlink and landed to your salespage. It is preferable to provide direct links to your internet home based business - website pages where the customer can readily find the listings of your products and services rather than give a link to your home page.

Keep it simple The basic principle is to make everything as easy as possible for the customer to get hooked to your home business proposition. Also, put in place a privacy policy that assures your customers that their personal information will not be revealed, sold or misused. Despite your best efforts, however, if the customer would want to unsubscribe, give him the facility. Finally, include all possible contact information along with your signature: name and address, telephone number, email address, fax number etc. As you see from the text above, the email marketing needs its own planning but offers a very powerful tool for your work at home based business opportunities campaign toolbox!
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