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Landing Your Dream Job: A Good Cover Letter and Resume is Key

Nov 5, 2007
If you are looking to land your dream job, chances are that you really aren't sure where to start and that is okay. Looking for a job can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, especially for those who haven't had to do so for a long time or are looking to land their very first job.

For those who are looking to land the job they want or need, it is important to take the right steps to do so. Many people rely on filling out a whole stack of applications to get a job and while that works for somebody who really doesn't care what type of employment they land, people who are looking for the right type of employment for them will never benefit from such a method.

Most employment worth having is worth going through changes to get it, and that usually means an application, cover letter and a resume. While these may seem overwhelming, it is not nearly as difficult or complicated as it seems.

Drawing Up a Resume
After the application, the most important part of a job employment package is your resume. The resume is the first chance that employers have to see what you are really about, and it should catch a person's eye at first glance. If possible, try and limit your resume to one page because chances are that a potential employer is not going to read your resume from front to back. The first page and the first few lines are what need to stand out to your potential employer, and make them want to meet you to see if you are really as outstanding as your experience and objective professes you to be.

The objective is the very first few lines of your resume underneath your name and contact information. The objective should be no more than two or three lines, and capture your reason for applying for the job you have selected at all. What your goal is and what you could bring to the company, all wrapped up in one or two sentences should do the trick.

Writing Out Your Cover Letter
If you have ever had to write a five-paragraph essay in school, chances are that you have already just about captured the essence of writing a cover letter. A five paragraph essay should introduce something in the first paragraph, cover the main points in the next three paragraphs, and sum up your ideas in the last one. Such is the case with a cover letter, but it doesn't have to be five paragraphs; try and limit it to three at most.

Address your letter to the name of the hiring manager if you know it; otherwise, 'To Whom It May Concern' should suffice just fine. In the first paragraph of your letter introduce yourself and the position you are hiring for. The middle paragraph should cover your main strengths and most relative employment experience whereas the last paragraph should just about sum everything up for the employer, encouraging them to meet with you and encouraging them towards considering you for the position.

Landing a job is not difficult, but it can be something that takes some getting used to. A strong resume and cover letter can certainly make all of the difference for you in the end, presenting yourself as the capable worker that you know you can be.
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