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Nov 5, 2007
The People Building website is a great resources site for therapists and those who want to develop themselves. Here are some of the features that are regularly featured on the website:

Free hypnosis scripts:

Our website features free confidence hypnosis scripts, free quit smoking scripts, free weight loss scripts, as well as collections of scripts that are focused on a specific area such as stop smoking.

There are also a number of pay for scripts that cover many areas of self improvement that are also available as downloaded MP3's.

If we do not have the scripts you require, you can email us with your requirements and we will put something together for you.


If you have tried everything to help you quit smoking, and still haven't succeeded, then you must try "Freedom from smoking the NLP Way" this is an NLP based e-book which guarantees that you will quit smoking or else you can have your money back.

We also have an e-book designed to help you create your own hypnosis scripts, with all of the information you require in order to be able to write the very best ones possible.

We have a free e-book at the bottom of the e-books page. If you are interested in hypnosis scripts, have a website and would like to make a few extra pennies, please download your free e-book now and read the information about becoming an affiliate.


We have articles which are published locally and all over the internet as well. The types of articles that we write and welcome are based around NLP, Hypnosis, life coaching, healing and health and wellbeing. If you have articles that you would like to feature on our website, then please contact us. The accepted articles will have their authors website details displayed at the bottom of the article. The more links to your site that you are able to create, the more popular your website will become on search engine listings.


The "try it you, might like it" page has online questionnaires so that you are able to discover your sensory preference. It is sometimes the case that we rely upon or prefer to use one of our senses more than the others. This is a useful thing to identify in ourselves and in others, as each sensory preference comes with its own behavioral generalizations. When we learn about another person's sensory preference, we are able to utilize that information to gain better rapport. This is just a small example of one area that is taught in great detail, on our NLP Practitioner training.

You can also do our life coaching questionnaire to assess your quality of life.

Wheel of life:

This a is a life coaching tool used for assessing the quality of life a person has in each area of their life and how fulfilled they may be feeling. In itself, it doesn't necessarily create any changes, but this is certainly a useful tool in helping to highlight problem areas in a persons life.
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People Building are a Hypnotherapy and NLP based website specializing in self development training and resources. http://www.peoplebuilding.co.uk/nlp-ebooks.htm
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